Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Write The Future: Successful Me, Finally.

Two years.

Two bloody years until I managed to get this thing working. Imagine, after streaks of endless days and sleepless nights, going through piles and piles of literatures, designing and redesigning the reactors in CAD drawings, continuously failing experiments that never seem to show not even the simplest mercy, months of hardships and damaged mind and heart, I finally am here, where I am successful  at producing synthesis gas - flammable gas consisting of mainly Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen - from incomplete combustion of oil palm fronds (OPF).

Currently the first to utilize OPF as its main feedstock, the gasifier was the work of my own hands. From design works all the way to fabrication, and then to installation and commissioning and finally to operation phase, I have been with it the whole time. Nothing excited me so much other than to see that the gasifier has finally able to produce synthesis gas at a constant rate after numerous frustrating moments of tweaking, resetting and recalibration. Yesterday at precisely 6.19PM, the gasifier started to produce the gas at a constant rate to overboard where production went almost out of control.

This memorable event did not only commemorate the success of our very own UTP Biomass Gasification Team (OPF) in being able to finally gasifying OPF but also marked a change in the history of UTP Alternative and Renewable Energy Research by being the only research team in the nation and also in the world, formally, to have been using OPF as main feedstock for gas production, and is successful at it.

The events are shown in the following set of videos. The gas, after proper cleaning and refining, is ready to be fed into any internal combustion engine (both spark ignition and compression ignition, or petrol and diesel engines) and consumed as fuel.

Another history written. And I am happy as ever.

The blue flame indicates the existence of hydrogen.

Stable flare achieved.

Just how useless smoke is actually combustible.

This was when the gasifier went out of control and we had to flare all the richly-produced gas.

Super flare, baby.

Another good look at the flare. See how beautiful the flame is.

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