Thursday, September 30, 2010

In life, there are of course things that you expect would happen but didn't, and things that you hope not to happen but they did. 

For instance, recently I accidentally let loose of my pitching wedge iron, or PW, an essential golf club that is frequently needed as you approach the green. PW is important in order to precisely chip the ball upward with a certain degree of angle so that the ball will land exactly at the spot you were aiming, as close as possible to the hole so that the putting goes easy. 

It was raining the day I went to the driving range. Quite a thunderstorm actually, so I can't really practice at the green, so I went to the driving range instead to practice with PW there. After a few good hit and a few bad ones, the wind blew to my direction, bringing all the water particles in the air towards and onto my body, including my glove. With suitable understanding about friction, the existence of a layer of a fluid on a surface reduces friction, as long as the thickness of the fluid layer is not significant enough to introduce another type of friction. Though I knew this by fact and experience, I was at the time and still, only human. 

As I swung the rod, as I could fully remember, the rod slipped from my hand and went right into the lake while the ball went, somewhat miraculously, all the way and hit the target island at the center of the lake - most beautiful hit ever. 

But there went my PW.

Three days of search by means of diving into the almost 10.0m deep lake bears no hope. The search finally ended today at around 1.50pm when the divers called for an end. So I bid my farewell and goodbyes, for it was my best PW, and come to think of it, my only PW. Nevertheless, I had a good time with Mr Goh who happened to hold a duel with his wife in the race for 'who shots the longest yard using the #3 hybrid'. 

Mrs. Goh won. 

On the way back, I received a call from a certain someone from a golfing equipment store confirming that the new PW and putter I was looking for the other day right after I lost mine were in stock and ready for shipment. All I needed to do was to return home as immediately to complete the online transaction. So I pressed on the gas and there I went, as fast as the wind. Well not entirely, since the safe speed limit for the road was only 70.00km/h, but I managed to ram up to 120.00km/h, anyway. 

Well whaddaya know?

Just as I said things that you would expect not to happen but they somehow did, here's a thing about today's driving event - a certain obstacle that by odds is close to 500,000 against 1 to ever take place in front of me while I drive at any particular ordinary day at any particular place along the particular span of 24-hour time frame, took place in front of me and happened. A certain thing I casually avoid in normal days, happened to be driving right in front of me.

So what do I do now? 'I asked myself. Do I overtake, or do I slow down? I was in a hurry, so slowing down was not an option. By overtaking, my God that will surely have me ended up in unnecessary troubles. Not that I was somewhat taken aback by the disturbing event that soon will take place, God forbid, but the sick feeling to know that even the slightest incidence could be an issue.

But then again, according to Suren L.S., "orang dalam dunia ada macam-macam, Jack."

So I took the 'Fuck It' solution and rammed the engine all the way to UTP, for my excitement was no longer bearable. And within 15 minutes I arrived in UTP, with the thing still driving ahead, God please make the road clear to me so that I could get home early. And when I did, the first thing I did was the transaction, and next, this blog entry. 

And I could never be any happier :D new PW, new putter coming my way! And I'm going back this weekend again to meet up with Autumn, who has been constantly complaining about the distance we are both separated at. Chill, Autumn, I'll be home before you knew it :D

Till then, have a nice day people!

p/s: "The 'Fuck It' solution is also applicable to people who just couldn't be bothered with happening nonsense. and the outcome from tolerating such happenings. Such practice is encouraged to save time and energy in dealing with, of course, nonsensical things, and of course too, the nonsensical outcomes." - Mr Timmy G. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A quick update.

These are the pics taken at i-City the other day. Enjoy.

* * *


* * *

And myself here ;)

Monday, September 20, 2010

So I went to The Curve the other day with Miss Banker.

We'll talk about Miss Banker later, because in this post I would like to touch on the movie we both went to watch - Piranha. 

As most of us know, Piranha is a member of Characidae family in Characiformes order in the animal kingdom. Though very much legless and on top of all just a fish, this freshwater specimen is known for its sharp teeth and its huge appetite for meat. This fairly celebrated animal has been taken into film industry since years back when the first Piranha movie was released for worldwide shows. 

I'm not going to review the movie because I think, despite its huge collection of curvy chicks in wet, mini bikinis, it is completely rubbish.

I didn't enjoy the movies at all because my mind was trying hard to explain some of the few events in the movie that I could not understand and fairly explain, other than to bear with the high-pitch screaming from Ms. Banker each time the piranhas went and bit some people butts off. In order to explain my own doubts, lets take a look at some of the questions that I came to ask during the movie show:

1. Prehistoric Piranhas. 

So the piranhas were from the prehistoric ages. They were trapped in a secluded lake under another and were released into the upper lake when there was an earthquake that created an opening that connected the two lakes together. For two million years the piranhas were trapped in there and the only way for them to survive was cannibalism, which means the strong ones ate the weaker ones to ensure survivability. Fine, I am totally fine with it. But just how the hell did they all breath all these while? Don't they need oxygen to breath? From where did the oxygen came from? From their butts each time they took a crap? And imagine how much  craps had they laid on the bed of the lake for two million years - didn't the water become contaminated or something? Can anybody explain about what happened to all those tonnes of carbon dioxide and methane whatsoever that were released for two million years in an underground, secluded lake?

2. Dynamic Evolution

For two million years the piranhas were trapped in an underground cave with no light source whatsoever. When they were released to the upper lake, they still have eyes. To understand this, we look at the evolution of species. 

When a pair of normal man and woman is made to live in a dark cave all the time and creates a generation worth two million years of time, they will first lose their eyes because the organs slowly evolute and disappear, for they are no longer needed as one of the main sensory system organs. Their younger generations will be blind, but as a result will as well develop sharper senses from auditory and other sensory body parts - skin for example. This goes to many other animals as well. For instance, most of the fishes that live far in deep water ocean are blind. 

These piranhas were stuck for two million years and still have eyes. Not only that, they were fast and furious as well, indicating that their fins and mobility were never at all impaired these two million years. And worst of all, they still remember the smell of mammal's blood. 

How impressive.

3. The Bombing

When the piranhas were released to the upper lake, they were so freaking hungry that they went for breakfast right away. This explains the mass feast at the beach of the big lake. There were so many people were eaten alive and died in the water, enough for the piranhas to keep for one week supply. 

And out of no reasons at all, they all left to another location probably miles away to eat on other humans, the hero and heroines of the movie who were stuck in a boat after it hit surfacing rocks, leaving all the fancy corpses behind. So here's the question - why the F would such a fish left a barbecue party behind for a plate of jellyfish? 

And then the guy with both his legs bitten to none but just bones - he managed to collapse and faint for a few moment, only to wake up minutes after that to mumble some craps and dropped dead after that. How could a person, with most of his blood was drained after his veins were cut open, still be alive for like what, more than fifteen minutes? Try cut both your legs off and see how long could you stay alive if you don't believe me.

And then again both the hero and the heroine were submerged underwater after the hero released the flare into the compartment of the sinking boat that was by then had been filled with cooking gas. And then the hero waited for his savior who was at the time on a speedboat to pull them out from the bloodbath. Let's recap - first, the big boat the hero and the heroine were on board hit some big rocks and sank. Now these rocks were to big that you could see them in between the big boat and the smaller boat, protruding out from the bed of the lake. Now the hero and the heroine were exactly behind those rocks, holding to a rope that connected them to the smaller speed boat, expecting the speed boat to pull them away. 

Won't they slam into the rocks first when the speed boat take off? You should look at how fast the speed boat went when it was pulling them both underwater. With that speed, the boat can easily rip the hero's body into two when it pulls the rope that was tied at the waist of the hero. No. You won't get both of them alive at the end of the story. You'll be lucky if you pull them as freaks with no head and legs from the water. 

And then the big boat blew out and all the piranhas died. ALL of them. Do me a favor, someone - try take two tiny cooking gas tanks, fill a boat with the gas and match it up and then see how the water goes. You can slam a torpedo into the boat and still the water wake and underwater shockwave won't be that great, unlike how the boat in the movie created, more or less close to becoming a small nuclear missile to me. 

* * *

There are of course many more that I would want to ask but I guess I better just zip it for now. Or else my head will explode into so many me that the world will get even more troubled that it already is.

Hey you people. Go watch Piranha.

Monday, September 06, 2010

My dear you,

Just as Einstein foresaw the definite end of mankind when he first laid his hands in the creation of the first atomic bomb, so I too regret my participation in what was, at the most minimal effect, an error in judgment. 

Despite the many mistakes than mankind has seen so far, these mistakes were done for, as of I believe, for a reason, that then led us to a better future. This does not only justify the saying that not all mistakes are fatal, nor they are in any way harming, for some of these mistakes are beneficial in a way or another, though it may appear that they could be beneficial to only certain while emerge to be complete losses to remaining others. 

In our case, I must hereby convince you that the step you took in showing and expressing your eternal love towards me starting from some weeks before, was indeed a sheer mistake. Despite the ongoing speculations that I no longer have the abilities to feel anything within what appeared to be quite a damaged heart, I solemnly beg to differ, because I believe that my pure understanding of myself extends greater than that of those who believe that they understand me pretty well. 

My dear you,

I would want to assure you that, regardless of its look, my battle-wounded and weatherbeaten heart is still able to feel a bit of warmth from beneath the heavily-fortified, thick sarcophagus walls built to cover it from unwanted harms. With close inspections, I certainly believe that one could still hear it beats from behind the impenetrable walls.

But regardless of the ability for me to feel of anything, I have to decline the offer you recently proposed to me in the subject of love. I greatly understand that every damaged mechanism requires a great deal of repair in vast amount of time in order for it to operate again at its designed capacity. In my case, the amount of time needed for an entire repair to complete, as earlier calculations dictated, is colossal.

However, this does not prevent me from building feelings up for you, and as well as for other women that may have fallen into my course of journey, whether or not accidental. But this will jeopardize the healing time of none other than my heart itself, and therefore I strongly suggest that such damaging practice is then to be carefully monitored, or in most cases, prevented from happening. 

Nevertheless, like the four-season changes and like our sun rotates, I assure you that one day this will change. One fine day, the confinement surrounding my heart will finally fall, and the current preventions will all be lifted. And on that day, my dear darling, everything changes, and on that day as well I will return with a whole new heart, a repaired and perhaps an upgraded one too, for only you and nobody else my love. 

Till that day comes, I suggest you to spare some time for me, and I suggest you to travel around the world catching on things that you might have missed while waiting for me all these while, for again I assure you dear love, that when the time is right the high tide will change and the stars will again shine in your darkened skies, only to bring you nothing else but happiness and all. Make use of all the time that will otherwise be spent uselessly on waiting for me, for a great deal of adventure and love is not measured in their triumphs but the time taken for them to complete, in this case, my comeback.

And on that day I promise you love, that you will perhaps be the happiest person in the world. 

Till then, till when, till we meet again.


If there were things that could clearly explain why at times women lost a lot of things they wanted to own for themselves but ended up having none, Reena could be one of them, or maybe is the only explanation for the whole major losses experienced by the entire female species of evolved urban human since thousands of years back in the history of mankind.

Or worst.

Reena, as one describes her, was just another teenage girl. A typical Asian female, she was rather a medium built; her height was more or less 160cm and her weight equaled the weight of a common household tissue box, only slightly heavier. She had her days when her hair looked good and the rests when her hair looked just as messed up as her face was every time she looked at herself in the mirror after she woke up from sleep. Quite to her luck she had a fair piece of skin that could match other competitive women in the chase for men, only that to her she felt that she did not find her curves to be attracting enough, hence she previously calculated her chance to win any man to be close to or precisely zero. 

Like other typical female teenager, she had the chance to complete high school and the only thing that increased her value for just a bit was that when she was 'carefully selected in series of interviews and reviews' and gotten herself to enroll into a higher level academia of science and engineering, to which for a long time she had wondered if the students who enrolled there were 'carefully selected in series of interviews and reviews', then how come there were way too many assholes to even begin with? This doubts in here intervened her minds from now and then, and this of course occupied her days as a college freshman until she was in her third year.

Well, much to her dismay that she did not have the size of bosoms that were attractive enough to attract predator men nor she had a set of bottom that could drop jaws of many others, for the furthest they, both her bosoms and bottoms, could make was into the campus's List of Most Humorous Body Figures Ever Seen In Campus Ground', or at least she predicted to have been. Knowing that she could be precisely anywhere in the bottom 500 out of all females in campus in terms of physical attractions, and the chances for her to make it into at least to the mid-table craps in the whole list was nearly impossible, she gave up in the hunt for men without even trying to. 

Therefore her days were filled with academic things, other than to wonder how did the assholes, including the 
group of females her age who behaved like divas and made fun of her curves at all time, pass through the 'careful selection in series of interviews and reviews' and became students just like her. It was not until she was in her third year, just like previously mentioned, that she added a new thing in her daily-things-to-worry-about and therefore became one of the main reason why she went through a number of changes that in the same time redefined herself as these changes occurred.

It was a boy.

It was made known that, despite the increasing number of lesbians the world had accumulated to date, that women belong to men in terms of living partner, including for mating reasons and exchange of ideas that often led to bitter, raging arguments that separate the two, for them to start over, most likely not with the same person. And of course the cycle continues in the run for human to reproduce and multiply into many more human, so that the process maintains. Unfortunately enough, Reena never had the chance to experience this 'courting and hooking up' thing, for that, according to Sylvia (the head of the divas who bullied her to no end due to her curves), Reena owned a chest that was as flat as an airport strip and a bottom that grew up a pear but never really did become a pear - an insult that resulted into Reena bashing the diva in a winning streak where Reena aced three engineering and two mathematic papers in one semester thus shooting her up like a mad rocket to the highest point of academic recognitions while the divas remained to be the group of lesser minds equal to that of a pack of regressed primates whom many of the campus academicians placed a bet on as 'the sort of human even chimpanzees that have no earthly business in mathematics could outrun in a test of fifth-grade geometry'.

Though this triumph against the divas somewhat pleased Reena to no end, she still had the envy towards them. Well, by fact, the divas weren't that attractive. Come to think of it, only one out of all seven diva members who were really attractive while the rest only shared the glorious sprinkles of beauty the prettiest one showered around. And come to think of it again, even the prettiest one wasn't that pretty; she made it as the prettiest because she owned a pair of bosom that could match the size of ordinary rock melons placed next to next, and the bottom that one would mistakenly took as a Russian nuclear submarine at a first glance, while her face was more or less looked like Jennifer Hudson without makeup. She too had the height more or less equal to Reena, only that she wore 3-inch stiletto to classes and dresses that made as if her melons would drop out and roll on the floor each time she walked. Other than that, she was just as typical as Reena is, only curvier and, of course, dumber.

But to Reena's worry, this bimbo and her herd of friends were actually going after a bloke who, according to Reena, was the smartest boy on campus who singlehandedly derived an alternate solution to Navier-Stokes equations of fluid motion in relations to Bose-Einstein Statistical Approximation of identical indistinguishable bosons over the energy states in thermal equilibrium while he was only studying the fundamental of physics, therefore was very attractive to Reena, while according to the bimbo, he was the boy with not only broad, muscular shoulder and a cute face that would kick Brad Pitt into inferiority pit but as well having one of the tightest piece of ass made visible for the world to ever witness, hence as well was attractive to them.  

This, of course, when made known to each other, caused a not-very-cold war to be anonymously declared between Reena and the Bimbos (actually it was just against the Bimbo head but since the others supported the head Bimbo, Reena thought why not might as well include them in the whole, big picture).

The war occurred in view of the public sometime in their mid fourth year of studies. By this time, everyone on campus, including the Rector and the Chancellory board, were inclusively informed not by Reena of course but by the bimbos who were by then were known as the Bigmouth Bimbos who swore to not only crush Reena by means of 'poking a new hole on her using a reduced-price Vincci stiletto', the phrase that many college men misleadingly took as sexually suggesting due to its double entendre, but as well as to grab the boy for the winning. Ashamed at first from knowing that he became a great deal in between the two fighting sides,  the boy however resided with th crowds in excitement and nervousness to see who in the end will win the baffling confrontation - a conflict that could be the biggest one since the campus's The Great Plain War of '92 that occurred in between the soccer club and the rugby club on which gets to use the sport field after 5.00pm everyday, resulted into none getting the place but instead the usage of the field was granted to the Women's Rocketry Science Club, that soon after led to the Great Plain Fire of '93.

Many things happened throughout the 1-year war. For instance, due to the strange hormonal change that occurred in Reena, strange because it happened quite late for a girl, she managed to secure the biological gifts of nature in just months. She was observed to undergo a series of biological upgrade that seen her to acquire a set of body curve that matched that of the Head of Bigmouth Bimbo's in just a short span of time - an unnatural observation that is still debated within the distinguished members of the campus's Biological Society whether it was caused by unexplained cell mutation from one's desire to change with introduction of rivalry components, or a result of leading technologies in medicinal implants and cosmetic surgery. Reena had grown from just a pebble that no one gave a damn about (or as the rugby team described; the thing that when seen makes the trip to hell and back seems to be even more wonderful) to such a diamond that Hugh Hefner will take only three seconds to accept as one of Playboy's most celebrated Bunny Girls of all time. Reena, in line with everyone's agreement, turned into a goddess in just a blip of an eye.

Strange things happened to the Bimbos as well. Never in the history of the campus had it ever occurred that the dumbest of all students had ever changed into a team of geniuses, as it happened to the Bimbos. Three of the Bimbos members turned into student researchers who studied in advance theoretical physics and introduced a challenge to prove that the trajectory of planets may or may have not affect the fabric of time and space, while four others including the Head went striving in engineering chapters where the Head herself struggled her way through and became an established member of the local Society of Engineers who introduced a complex and intricate way of improving the local town communication using advanced fiber optic cables and signal systems that in no time sprung the town to be one of the most delicate and yummy to engineering and technology enthusiasts worldwide.

As the time went on, no clear way of telling who will win the match was known to both parties, Reena and the BB, and as well to other spectators. Reena grew to be the hottest and smartest chick in campus while the BB grew to be just like what Reena was, only in group. Speculations after speculations emerged but still the battle went on without an ending, leading to the Higher Order Associates to be formed, consisting of representatives from each academic department and chaired by the Rector himself, to set a competition to take place in between the two parties as to introduce a fair fight, other than to end the ongoing war that had consumed too much time and also attentions, including from the local newspaper and the local military regiment who by then had split into two - each in each party's side.

Much to everyone's surprise, the Rector, in agreement with the rest of the members of the Higher Order Associates, proposed a race in turbocharged-engine sport cars donated by the Automotive Engineering Department. The rule was simple - who gets to win the racing match will get the boy. As many had by then speculated, the race had got to be a challenging one, since many had seen how certain major groups of females behave behind wheels. This too, according to them, could be a deadly one too. Nevertheless, Reena and BB agreed to the challenge and both were given precisely one week to get prepared.

The match day was a Sunday, and the time was in the morning, and the venue was at the local highway strip that the locales often utilized as informal racing ground most of the time. A perfectly straight strip for almost three kilometers, the highway offered good views from each road side, where spectators started to occupy a day before the match for great spots. The cars had been warmed up and both Reena and the BB Head were already strapped in their each consecutive car seats, ready to go. All they needed to do was to slam on the gas and sprint 2 kilometers forward, where whoever hits the finish line first will win the battle and therefore will win the boy, who was at the time located at the end of the strip, 500 meters away from the finishing line, decorated in all fancy and dandy clothing and seated on a stage all by himself like a Christmas present.

And soon the game was on.

At precisely 9.00am, as everyone was done taking their places and bought their hotdogs and drinks, all 3,500 of them, the Rector pressed a button that commenced the beginning of the match. Both Reena and BB Head were nervous as the lights in front of them turned from red to yellow. As the lights turned green, both pressed on the gas and blasted the tarmac with screeching tires. Burnt rubber smoke and smell filled the morning air as both cars accelerated towards the finishing line. In both Reena's and BB Head's eyes they both could see the boy sitting on the stage from far away and the vision got better as they got nearer to him. They both slammed the gas pedal flat as their heartbeats stomped and their burning loves and desires for the boy grew in fire. 

But there was a mistake in calculation.

Both of them, Reena and BB Head wanted to win the competition so much that all they did was to slam on the gas to reach the finishing line as the fastest. This means they took care of the acceleration part in detailed accelerating plan derived from the cars' specifications, but they did not take into account the braking part. The cars ended up to hit the finish line at the same time, proved by naked eyes, GPS remote sensing, infra-red indicators, motion sensors, slow-motion videos and other electronic sensors, and since braking wasn't taken into consideration they both failed to stop before the stage where the boy sat on and no matter how they pressed on the brakes they successfully slammed into the stage and split the boy into two where a half of him broke through the front shield of Reena's car and landed next to her while his other half did the same thing, ended up next to BB Head. This freaked both the drivers out and of course the rest of the spectators, causing the drivers to lose control of the cars and hit one another, killing both Reena and Head BB, adding another freak-out moment to the spectators. 

The rest of the story can be well understood.

Therefore it is concluded that from this story, of a magnificent event that cost three very hot and intelligent persona and therefore made it as the #1 campus's history billboard and otherwise known as the Super Derby Mishap of '10, that the fights for men, even though how promising and well-leading they might be, will also lead to complete disasters that most of the time do not only consume the lives of the parties who are fighting but also the lives of the prizes they were fighting for. And of course this nonsensical story teaches us many lessons, none of which I have the time or even bother to point them out for you readers, and therefore I hereby hope that you will find them for yourselves and learn something from them. Have a good day now, and for the love of human, stop fighting for men for God's sake!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

The compound was starting to be filled with people.

It's the eve of their big day together. The tents had been erected to serve as dining space for more than 2500 guests that were invited. The wedding stage where the wedded couple show will be held had been decorated and prepared completely. The caterers had arrived and were setting their preparations while the grooming team was bringing in boxes of garments and makeups and whatnot into the house. At the living room of the house there were a group of women, young and old and in the middle, sitting together to prepare the house gifts meant to be given as compliments to attending guests the next day. Their chattering and laughters shook the whole residential area.

Everyone was happy and excited, but not the bride.

"Anna," she said. "Are you alright?"

Anna was sitting at the edge of the brand new king-size bed that was beautifully decorated with silk sheets and silk mattresses and pillow cases. The bride room was extremely extravagant and royal, full with roses and potpourri in bowls. Next to the bed were boxes of shoes and garments made from various types of expensive fabrics and leather. On the makeup table were an extensive box of makeups and two glass cases of diamonds, white gold and other precious metal jeweleries. And in front of her was this lady she called Dita.

"I'm just nervous, Dita," she said. "Oh God I'm wreck."

"Oh calm down, you," said Dita as she took the box of makeups and started to prepare the bride. She took a big brush a started to apply a decent amount of foundation powder on Anna's face. "You'll be alright," she continued.

"Don't you think it's a bit odd, Dita?"

"Well what is, honey."

"I mean," Anna replied, "I mean it has only been two months since we, me and him, bumped into each other again after I left him many years ago. And now we're getting married. Doesn't that sound odd to you?"


"I mean, I left him, Dita. I left him for men I thought were cool and such. I left him because I thought I wanted to be free from his advices and protections. I disappointed him so badly. Did you know he was hospitalized from what I did, Dita?"

"He did? My God," replied Dita as she applied blushers on Anna's cheeks.

"He did. For like a month or something. He really loved me that much, Dita. He still would marry me nevertheless. Oh my God why didn't I see all those before."

"Hey, hey. Come on now. Don't cry, it'll ruin the makeup."

"Do you think we'll work things out, Dita?"

Dita turned around to her makeup box and again towards Anna.

"Of course darling," she said. "I'm sure things will be alright. He's a nice boy anyway."

* * *

It was just merely an hour or so before the ceremony was to be held.

He sat there on his sofa at his home. He was fully dressed now in traditional Malay male costume - a pair of Baju Melayu and Songket Samping with his black headgear. He looked calm and ready. In his hand there juggling a Zippo lighter. In his other hand was a pack of Winston Light. He took a stick and lit it up.

"Kill the smoke, boy," said Ronnie. "We're good to go."

"Oh God, will you?" he said. "I'm the one getting married here."

"Fine," replied Ronnie. He too lit a cigarette.

"So, Iz," Ronnie said. "Tell me why."

"Why what?"

"Why her."

"Why her, why?"

"Oh come on boy," Ronnie said as he tapped his cigarette ash off into the ashtray. "Anna left and made an idiot out of you for years."

"I know."

"Then why you're marrying her?"

He killed his cigarette, took another and lit it up.

"See, Ronnie," he said. "Love is one complicated thing."

"Not as complicated as we tried to bring you out from your cave of endless sorrows long before. The cave she kicked you into."

"I'm sorry, Ron," he said in sad voice. "I know this move will make as if your aide the last time meant nothing to me. But it did matter to me, as much as she does. I'm sorry brother, but I'm marrying her."

Ronnie killed his cigarette. "As long as it makes you happy, Iz, then I'd be."

"Thanks, man."

Ronnie nodded. "Now let's get the hell out of here," he said. "Someone's getting married."

* * *

Back at Anna's, people have gathered around.

Less than half an hour before the ceremony is to be held. Everyone was getting all dandy with the last minute preparations, setting up in their best garments and whatnot. Food had been prepared and served. The living room of the house had been emptied for the ceremony to take place. The hall was decorated in royal gold and maroon as its theme, and at the middle of the gold carpeted space there were two maroon and velvet cushions meant for the Kadhi and the groom to sit on later.

Anna was sitting in her room alone. She was all dressed up in cream Kebaya made from the best of satin and chiffon. She placed her scarf on her head and made herself up. She looked well damn pretty in that dress and jewelries. Her long hair had been set and finely curled up. In her ears there hung a pair of pure white gold earrings with a diamond in the middle of each. On her neck hung an artistically decorated necklace, a stunning one of its kind. But still in her heart, she felt the distressing feeling.

Suddenly Dita stormed into the room.

"Anna," she said. "Fix yourself up and get ready. Iz is here."

And so here goes, Anna said to herself.

This is it.

* * *

He sat on the maroon cushion and made himself comfortable.

The guests took their seats as well surrounding him. In that living room, there were no less than fifty eager and excited people lurking around to witness the whole commotion. The ladies were teasing each other while the gentlemen continued in their talks about the weather and the price increment of many things these days from the recent oil hike.

But he didn't say a thing. Instead he looked at Ron who sat in front of him, and then he looked at the hallway leading to the bride's room, and back at Ron. Ron nodded to him and showed him the thumb-up sign.

"Well here comes," said a female voice at the back. "Here comes the bride!"

And all the crowd gathered around closer and throw their eyes to the hallway. There they saw Anna walked carefully down it and into the living hall escorted with two other young ladies. She was invited to sit next to her family members, in this case her aunts and uncles for she had lost her parents sometime back, the same thing she and Iz shared in common, only that Iz did not have any other family member except his close friend Ronnie. She saw Ronnie from across the room and she saw how he stared at her. He certainly hated her still.

She then threw her face to her future husband who was calmly sitting on the plush, cozy, maroon cushion.

And there came the Kadhi, the religious man who was appointed to unite the two of them in that very wonderful and heartwarming ceremony. The old man took his seat on the velvet cushion. He took out some documents and placed them next to him before putting on his thick spectacle. Then he coughed a little.

"Is everyone ready?" he asked.

"Ready!" replied the whole crowd followed by chuckles and giggles.

In Anna's mind, she was very relieved. She was finally happy, for she had found her happiness. She thanked God that Iz finally accepted her again, after all that she did, that she thought were never forgivable, for they were beyond evil. She understood that she had caused him unbearable pain for years, and she was ready to do what it takes to make up to him. No, he didn't deserve all the pain she caused him. In her mind she wondered, how he was a strong man to go through all these alone by himself, all his pride and ego and loyalty fully dedicated to her, the person who left him despite his undying love for her. This caused her to break into tears, but she still could hold them back, after discovering how he still loved her all these goddamned years of suffering.

"So here goes," said the Kadhi. "Take my hand and hold it, young man."

Well this it is, told Anna to herself. This will be the last few minutes where she was still single and then no more, for when the wedding is soon tied, she then belongs to him and no one else, she continued telling herself. Oh how nervous she was at the time. How difficult it was for her to describe her feelings that particular while, but all and all she kept them inside. And deep inside she was still relieved that both of them, him and her, will no longer have to wait to be together. After all these years, all these years. She held her head down in nervousness.

"Wait a minute."

She raised her head to the voice. It was his. He was already standing up next to the maroon cushion and gave the crowd some sort of awe they could hardly believe. The hall was so damn quiet. Pressure built up comprehensively. All eyes on him.

"I don't want to marry you," he said.

This caused the whole crowd to give out expressions of shocks in terms of ohhs, ahhs and oh my god! Dita herself put her hands on her mouth in total disbelief. As she looked at Anna, she got to know that it wasn't only her who had that dropped-jaw effect. Anna's was even wider. In all those, only Ronnie who gazed at Iz in amazement.

"But," Anna said. "But why?"

He stared at her face with the expression of the coldest of winter.

"Because I feel that I don't have to."

"But, but you love me!"

He didn't say a word but to turn his back to Anna and the rest of the gazing crowd.

"You love me!" screamed Anna.

He turned his head around. In very very calm voice, he made his reply.

"I did," he said.

"But I changed my mind."

He sat there, alone.

On the table were a cigarette ashtray, a decent drink of hot caramel latte served in a rather unusual looking cup, a folded newspaper and a quite old but well taken care of Zippo lighter. In his hand was a pack of Winston Light 20's, juggled over and over as his hands throw the helpless cigarette box in the air. His eyes were looking at the empty counter of his usual coffee shop outlet, the place where he often went to whenever he was free at any time of the week, but his mind was somewhere else. His sharp look indicated that there was another thing being rapidly analyzed in that wonderful head of his.

After some point he stopped juggling the box and instead opened it up, taking one stick out and planted it right at the end of his lips. He took the silver Zippo and opened the top cover, giving out that classy, easily recognizable clicking sound and struck the flint. The wick caught on fire, and from that fire he lit his cigarette before slamming the top cover back to its place, clanking metal sound filled the rather silent and calm morning air. He inhaled the intoxicating smoke and exhaled it after few seconds.

He took a close look at the lighter. The engraving on it, though the surface had very much suffered from wear and tear, the weatherbeaten lighter was still able to show the beautiful image of a heart that was surrounded by a serpent with its tongue protruding out to the center of the heart. There was a deep scratch that crossed the image. He admired the engraving and with his thumb he slowly rubbed off the oil stains on the engraving. The surface reflected sunlight and shone onto his face.

And then he felt it.

Though he very much admired the metal art on the lighter, the pain he felt whenever he looked at it never seemed to go away at all. He closed his eyes and took another long puff of his cigarette, and placed the lighter on what he expected was the table, but missed by a couple of few millimeters. The lighter fell onto the floor and broke the silence at the empty coffee shop on a misty, cold morning. He let out a sigh, opened his eyes and bent his body over wanting to reach the lighter that fell and lied dead at the end of his legs.

As he was about to reach it, a hand came and took the lighter up.

He raised his face to look at this mysterious person, only to realize that he could only see the silhouette of the person, wholly darkened by the glaring sun at the back. But he knew that body shape. He knew that hair pretty well. And he instantly recognized the smell of the perfume right away. And he got even surer that he knew the person very well.

Oh he knew her very, very well.

* * *

Mid May, 2003.

"I just can't believe you."

The air was humid that evening. Both of them were spending some time earlier at a cornered end of the main campus lake earlier, admiring the sunset that was to happen in half an hour and less, until she broke the calmness. He was thrilled, for he was completely unknowing, let alone suspecting, that she will ever did. It was very least in his suspicions that she will ever grew tired of him. He sat and looked at her, who was at the time crossing her hands together, standing facing him with a very, very angry face.

"This is insane!" She yelled. "How could you do this to me? How could you prevent me to do things my way?"

He just stared at her.

"How could you say no to almost everything that I like? What is your problem, really?"

He took out a stick of Winston Light and then took out his lighter. It was a Zippo, and it shone out in the evening sun. As he about to strike the flint, she slapped the lighter away from him, causing it to fly a few feet away and hit the pavement with quite a bang, and this soon hit him hard. He stared at it before he stood up, and with unbelievable face he stared deep into her face; the projection of anger from those eyes was so terrifying that she stepped away a little bit.

"Because what you do is foolish," he calmly said, though one could easily tell that he wasn't calm at all, and with a raised voice he continued, "and your foolishness will soon destroy you!"

"But you are hurting the person you love, you are hurting me, sayang!"

"It is because of love that I should keep your sanity."

Upon hearing this, she broke into tears while maintaining her cold face, while his stayed dead. She shook her head a few times in disbelief, and slowly she turned away from him while facing the setting sun. He sat down and looked at her; her long, wavy hair that got blown in the slow breeze, the smell of that very familiar and soothing perfume, the silhouette representation of her sensuous, lovely apparition. He felt sorry for what he did, and so he stood up and went to her, reaching her arms with his hands.She turned around in an instant, pushed him away. Her face blazed in fire.

"Don't you dare touch me!"

"I'm sorry. I'm doing this because I care, because I love you."

"And I'm sorry too," she said, "for I no longer feel the love for you."

This shook him a little. How could feelings changed in seconds?

"Don't say that," he said. "You know you love me."

"I did," she said, "but I changed my mind."

And with that she turned around and stepped away from him. He called her name many times but to no reply. Slowly she got far, far away that she no longer heard him. And there he stood on the pavement looking at her disappearing from far. And when she did, he bent over to pick up the lighter that she bought for him on their second anniversary in relationship, only to see a deep scratch crossed the love-and-serpent engraving on it, as if it cut the heart into half, most probably from the fall it took when it was thrown away from her slap just now. He rubbed the engraving, and he fell onto his knees.

As the sun set, he wept in agony.

* * *

She sat facing him, sharing the same table. She ordered herself a drink and made herself comfortable in the cozy cushioned chair. He lit another cigarette and took a look at her. Well, she had grown up so much, he said to himself. She was just this girl he fell in love with merely more than ten years back, and now in front of him was no longer that ill-tempered girl but a deem attractive lady - the trait she never really got to lose. She still kept her long, wavy hair and still wearing the same perfume. Strange, he thought, that not many had changed in time, and this he doubted, including his feelings for her.

"So," she said. "What's up?"

He didn't reply directly. Instead he stared at her first for sometime; at those sensuous lips and beautiful eyes. her long, pretty fingers and her fair, smooth neck. He noticed that she did not have a ring in her finger.

"Why are you here, Anna."

She smiled at him and leaned back. She looked excited to meet him while he kept his cold appearance at large. Strange, again, he thought, for she was the one who left, and she was the one who found him again after all these while.

"I work there," she said as she pointed out a tall building a few blocks away from them. "I came over to take something and decided to drop by for a cuppa."

He nodded. He knew that building that belonged to a quite established, multinational engineering company.

"So?" she asked. "What is up with you? What do you do now?"

"I'm an engineering consultant," he said. "Nothing great."

"Well that's good." she said. "It really has been a while."

"It's not a while," he replied. "It has been precisely seven years, four days and eighteen hours since we ever met like this."

This, of course, caused the stirring environment between them to grow even more awkward. She stared at him for a while, and so did he.

"You still hate me, don't you."

"No," he said. "No, of course not. Why would I hate you? All you did was leaving me with no clear closure after we were in love for almost two years, and ended up in arms of men just weeks after and did all the foolish things I was protecting you from doing. No, I don't hate you. Not at all."

"Oh, you," she spoke softly as she reached his hand with hers. He just looked at how she rested her hand on his. He didn't pull it away, for the warmth he felt when her skin touched his brought back all the sentimental feelings and memories he had for her and still.

"Don't do that. I'm married."

"No you're not."

"How could you be so sure?"

"Dr. Izam," she said in a calm, loving voice, "you were never married. You were not even in a relationship since I left you."

He felt a slap so strong on his face from her statement, and the turmoil in him grew so badly that his face changed instantly.

"Now, now," she patted his hand slowly. "I'm not saying anything. I just want you to know that I know who you are, Iz. You never really faded from my mind regardless how badly I tried all these years by meeting endless number of men and do things to keep my mind of you."

She let out a sigh. He listened to it.

"And you were right about me doing foolish things. I have learned over the years that I had grown into something that I myself am ashamed of. I have grown up from these things, Iz. I guess you were right all along."

He didn't move nor say anything.

"And all I am now is just a heartbroken girl who could not really move forward, nor I can fall back. I have nobody else anymore. My days are over and all I have now is nothing but my bitter memories from the day I did the mistake of leaving you."

He noticed her eyes were teary as these words were spoken right from the deepest pit of her heart. He could feel her body shaking from her hand that laid on his. His supercold, heavily fortified heart started to melt right away.

"I miss you, Iz," she said in tears. "I miss you so much. I tried finding you but you were gone before I knew it. I'm sorry for what I did to you, for all the sufferings that I caused you that later caused me endless sorrows, and I'd do anything to make it up with you. Please, I'm begging you, please don't despise me for what I did when I was young and foolish. Please, I'd do anything. I don't want to be unhappy no more, not anymore!"

He just let her poured all her heart out for some minutes. Not a word was spoken. Not a gesture was made. It was not until some point that he arranged his words and stated them. He stared at the serpent, the heart and the scratch on them on his lighter. He put his fingers in between her and clasped them together. When the time was right, he cleared his throat and he did it.

"Would you," he said very softly. "Would you marry me?"

To be continued