Monday, September 06, 2010

Mistakes, My Dear You

My dear you,

Just as Einstein foresaw the definite end of mankind when he first laid his hands in the creation of the first atomic bomb, so I too regret my participation in what was, at the most minimal effect, an error in judgment. 

Despite the many mistakes than mankind has seen so far, these mistakes were done for, as of I believe, for a reason, that then led us to a better future. This does not only justify the saying that not all mistakes are fatal, nor they are in any way harming, for some of these mistakes are beneficial in a way or another, though it may appear that they could be beneficial to only certain while emerge to be complete losses to remaining others. 

In our case, I must hereby convince you that the step you took in showing and expressing your eternal love towards me starting from some weeks before, was indeed a sheer mistake. Despite the ongoing speculations that I no longer have the abilities to feel anything within what appeared to be quite a damaged heart, I solemnly beg to differ, because I believe that my pure understanding of myself extends greater than that of those who believe that they understand me pretty well. 

My dear you,

I would want to assure you that, regardless of its look, my battle-wounded and weatherbeaten heart is still able to feel a bit of warmth from beneath the heavily-fortified, thick sarcophagus walls built to cover it from unwanted harms. With close inspections, I certainly believe that one could still hear it beats from behind the impenetrable walls.

But regardless of the ability for me to feel of anything, I have to decline the offer you recently proposed to me in the subject of love. I greatly understand that every damaged mechanism requires a great deal of repair in vast amount of time in order for it to operate again at its designed capacity. In my case, the amount of time needed for an entire repair to complete, as earlier calculations dictated, is colossal.

However, this does not prevent me from building feelings up for you, and as well as for other women that may have fallen into my course of journey, whether or not accidental. But this will jeopardize the healing time of none other than my heart itself, and therefore I strongly suggest that such damaging practice is then to be carefully monitored, or in most cases, prevented from happening. 

Nevertheless, like the four-season changes and like our sun rotates, I assure you that one day this will change. One fine day, the confinement surrounding my heart will finally fall, and the current preventions will all be lifted. And on that day, my dear darling, everything changes, and on that day as well I will return with a whole new heart, a repaired and perhaps an upgraded one too, for only you and nobody else my love. 

Till that day comes, I suggest you to spare some time for me, and I suggest you to travel around the world catching on things that you might have missed while waiting for me all these while, for again I assure you dear love, that when the time is right the high tide will change and the stars will again shine in your darkened skies, only to bring you nothing else but happiness and all. Make use of all the time that will otherwise be spent uselessly on waiting for me, for a great deal of adventure and love is not measured in their triumphs but the time taken for them to complete, in this case, my comeback.

And on that day I promise you love, that you will perhaps be the happiest person in the world. 

Till then, till when, till we meet again.


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Finn said...

dude. it's true, u said it before and i have to admit it. i remembered something like, to let you write a sad lady a letter. u'd be able to put a smile on her face..something like that...u and words. sangatlah hebat.