Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quite A Day, Isn't It?

In life, there are of course things that you expect would happen but didn't, and things that you hope not to happen but they did. 

For instance, recently I accidentally let loose of my pitching wedge iron, or PW, an essential golf club that is frequently needed as you approach the green. PW is important in order to precisely chip the ball upward with a certain degree of angle so that the ball will land exactly at the spot you were aiming, as close as possible to the hole so that the putting goes easy. 

It was raining the day I went to the driving range. Quite a thunderstorm actually, so I can't really practice at the green, so I went to the driving range instead to practice with PW there. After a few good hit and a few bad ones, the wind blew to my direction, bringing all the water particles in the air towards and onto my body, including my glove. With suitable understanding about friction, the existence of a layer of a fluid on a surface reduces friction, as long as the thickness of the fluid layer is not significant enough to introduce another type of friction. Though I knew this by fact and experience, I was at the time and still, only human. 

As I swung the rod, as I could fully remember, the rod slipped from my hand and went right into the lake while the ball went, somewhat miraculously, all the way and hit the target island at the center of the lake - most beautiful hit ever. 

But there went my PW.

Three days of search by means of diving into the almost 10.0m deep lake bears no hope. The search finally ended today at around 1.50pm when the divers called for an end. So I bid my farewell and goodbyes, for it was my best PW, and come to think of it, my only PW. Nevertheless, I had a good time with Mr Goh who happened to hold a duel with his wife in the race for 'who shots the longest yard using the #3 hybrid'. 

Mrs. Goh won. 

On the way back, I received a call from a certain someone from a golfing equipment store confirming that the new PW and putter I was looking for the other day right after I lost mine were in stock and ready for shipment. All I needed to do was to return home as immediately to complete the online transaction. So I pressed on the gas and there I went, as fast as the wind. Well not entirely, since the safe speed limit for the road was only 70.00km/h, but I managed to ram up to 120.00km/h, anyway. 

Well whaddaya know?

Just as I said things that you would expect not to happen but they somehow did, here's a thing about today's driving event - a certain obstacle that by odds is close to 500,000 against 1 to ever take place in front of me while I drive at any particular ordinary day at any particular place along the particular span of 24-hour time frame, took place in front of me and happened. A certain thing I casually avoid in normal days, happened to be driving right in front of me.

So what do I do now? 'I asked myself. Do I overtake, or do I slow down? I was in a hurry, so slowing down was not an option. By overtaking, my God that will surely have me ended up in unnecessary troubles. Not that I was somewhat taken aback by the disturbing event that soon will take place, God forbid, but the sick feeling to know that even the slightest incidence could be an issue.

But then again, according to Suren L.S., "orang dalam dunia ada macam-macam, Jack."

So I took the 'Fuck It' solution and rammed the engine all the way to UTP, for my excitement was no longer bearable. And within 15 minutes I arrived in UTP, with the thing still driving ahead, God please make the road clear to me so that I could get home early. And when I did, the first thing I did was the transaction, and next, this blog entry. 

And I could never be any happier :D new PW, new putter coming my way! And I'm going back this weekend again to meet up with Autumn, who has been constantly complaining about the distance we are both separated at. Chill, Autumn, I'll be home before you knew it :D

Till then, have a nice day people!

p/s: "The 'Fuck It' solution is also applicable to people who just couldn't be bothered with happening nonsense. and the outcome from tolerating such happenings. Such practice is encouraged to save time and energy in dealing with, of course, nonsensical things, and of course too, the nonsensical outcomes." - Mr Timmy G. 

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