Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oh Well

If there were days where irony happened in such a way that there was no way for me to easily contemplate on, then today could be one of them. 

First and foremost, my apologies for having this entire blog at a halt these past few weeks since I was practically caught up in so many things that constantly kept me away from making even a single post. Nevertheless, I happened to have some extra time today, from which I am going to spend on writing this one particular entry.

The day started as usual - I woke up a bit late today, precisely at 11.00am in the morning since I slept late the night before, or rather in the morning, at around 6.00am right after the call for dawn prayer was aired from a nearby praying center. I had my coffee and cigarette right after I got up, and I had them good, for I like my coffee strong and my cigarette bitter. Days went too quickly these days, perhaps I was just too busy with thesis writing and other technical errands that somehow needed my experiences in completing them. Other than a few postgraduate students that I was in collaboration with, I myself have to monitor some three undergraduate students who are currently doing their final year projects, from which I was given the task to assist them whenever possible. It has been weeks that I slept late, usually at the time when other people woke up from theirs.

In the afternoon I decided to give my lab a visit. I missed that place, actually. I used to spend my whole entire day in it, doing my own things and making my ways around the heavy machineries that most of them just lied at a corner with no particular business at all. But now I hardly went there, since I was in the race to nowhere - actually, it is going somewhere, really - writing my thesis, hence myself always at the computer in my room at all time. So I spent some time in my lab reminiscing the old days while waiting for my roommate who was then running his own errands at the top floor of the building. It has been a very busy day for the both of us, and we tried our best to give our best shots at almost everything we aimed for, and we did. 

Late in the evening, we both went to a nearby local coffee shop for evening teas and whatnots, before we were on our way back again to the campus. And then it happened. 

Just imagine just how at a roundabout inside the campus, there was this one particular car, a locally-made car, rushed into the roundabout without letting us to first pass, when we were at the time had our rights of way. He missed us by couples of inches, a dead-close distance from which if calculated, and was in my mind, should he have hit us, I was pretty sure that my roommate will be dead in just mere seconds after the impact, where I could be bleeding from broken hands and other significant types of road accident-related injuries.. 

And just imagine this one; both my roommate and I were very tired - we did not get enough sleep, we were working all day long, we just had our meals after one long day, and all we wanted was to have a pleasant ending to all of these by riding through one lovely evening. And that happened. 

Men's anger is like a pot of boiling water - sooner or later the water will boil regardless of the size of the fire that provides the pot with heat. Don't increase the fire unprepared, or you will have to end up surrounded and splashed with superheated steams.  

So what I did was that I pressed on the horn for almost a quarter mile while tailgating the bastard closely until he finally stopped to a halt next to the roadside. I pulled over and I saw two guys came out from that car. And what a surprise - a foreign student, from a certain type of nations that since long have contributed endless marks in the disciplinary records of the campus. How I know this for a fact? Of course I do. Been here long enough. 

Brawling tips: when you have a chance, don't ever miss it. Barbaric, undiplomatic and uncivilized? Right. We almost died back there, people.

In rage I went out from my car and wanted to hold out a class on one of the very important aspects in life for those two little kids, particularly on how not to getting a kick in the eye and a punch in the throat, by delivering them myself as included in my very own package, only to see that my roommate was already confronting the guy, screaming his throat off with red eyes and popping veins. My God, and I thought I was a beast. Apparently my happy-go-lucky kinda roommate was very much a devil himself. If you were the guy getting the screaming from him, I was and still am very sure your balls will drop and be lost instantly just before they reach the ground. FYI, my roommate is a 2-meter tall, 100kg worth of a monster. 

I made a wide grin. It really has been a while since I last got myself into some whacking, probably a few years back with a guy who, well, he just didn't know when to stop talking. 

The friend of the driver chickened out in 2 seconds and was trying to settle the argument but the driver himself just didn't know just when to shut the fuck up. This led to an even heated argument that I was pretty sure that if it wasn't for the gathering crowd, the kid would have already been walking back with a broken jaw and a misplaced backbone home that one bloody evening. He even told us that we were wrong for not giving way to him, and that he told my roommate to shut up.

Even a floater that does not have any earthly business floating in a septic tank knows that anybody in a roundabout deserves the rights of way. Even a genital wart knows that for a fact. 

The argument ended up with the kid refusing to apologize, but it's alright since this community is way too small to hide from. Sooner or later if he keeps with his attitude, he might get it from some other big guys out there who will happily send him back to the Creator in a return package. We have a good look of the kid's face and well, though we are pretty cool now, we are very sure that there will be days when we will meet again, and that time, perhaps more than never, he needs all the luck the world could ever give. 

Oh he needs them very much alright.

p/s: On a lighter note, thank you God for making me smile today. Give me more good news, for I don't want to stop smiling. And you, dear darling, you deserve all the pains. And I am very much enjoying watching you slowly die suffocating in your own pukes.


Anonymous said...

hahah. foreigners. viva merah is it?

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

No-lah. My peeps found out that the car was rented.

what's wif the red viva?

Anonymous said...

there got this one red viva, and 've seen many times the driver is an egyption or iranian me not sure. quite recent one the plet number but bumpers wrecked ady, too much speeding and no brakes just ram on bonggol jalan. haha. reckless. the car went daboom each time many times saw with me own eyes. lol.

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

And i still wonder why we taught them Physics.