Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Night

Let's look at it this way.

Here I am, around 15 miles away from Ipoh, the largest and most happening town available closest to me in a 50-mile range. The second to that would be Lumut, a nautical town somewhere on the opposite direction of Ipoh from where I currently am - 2 km off Tronoh, an old and old mining town that has lost its fame in the maps of the riches tin deposits in the world, located just in between of the main road one must take to go to Ipoh and Lumut. It's Friday night, and I need to go to some places with hangouts and dine-ins for the sake of living the white collar dreams. 

The question now is, where to?

Let's do a check on Ipoh. There are some fine-dining outlets in Ipoh, I guess, and the most familiar place I have been would be the Moven Peak. There are some good western and oriental food offered and a list of good coffees, but being there every now and then kills the mood. Some fast-food and franchise outlets opened business early this year, where now Ipoh has a Burger King, an Ayam Penyet shop, and some other that I could hardly, just to add to the usual McDonald's and Pizza Hut and KFC and Johnny's. Next in the list will be Nasi Vanggey - a description given to the food that until today I have not been able to fully understand of its meaning. And then the posh Nasi Padang place next to Casuarina and Kalai Curry House follow on.

In terms of entertainment, well there are some clubs that I swear I'll never be in any of them, except Rum Jungle. I don't know what Rum Jungle is. Looking back at my history of being there, it could be anything in between a dance club of house and a bit of techno music or a lounge that plays live Havana music to the dance floor. Very confusing, really. Next in entertainment will be hanging out at some hangout spots around the town, mostly those that get boring right after midnight. And there are only two big cinemas - The TGV in a 2-and-a-half story Jusco and another one in Ipoh Parade.

And that's about it.

In Lumut, the only well-established places for dine-in are McDonald's, Pizza Hut and KFC, scattered around the town and its surrounding, in between the mostly overpriced local seafood outlets and of course some mamak's, for the night outers could possibly die without them. And that's about it. Unless if I want to eat on sand and drink on seawater, there's pretty much nothing the place can offer. And there's like endless supply of seawater from the open Straits of Malacca. Good sights sometimes, bad sceneries most of the time, especially at night. At one time you can see the lights of passing ships from over the horizon, and at one time you can see a Mat Rempit humping on a Bohsia on their two ringgit bike.

There are no TGI Fridays. No Dunkin Doughnuts, only the super sugary J Co. No Subway sandwiches. No Tony Roma's. No Bora Ombak and Bora Asmara. No Domino's, no star walk, no uptown. There's a night market that sells some fake items at the center of the town. And other than Padini and Esprit and Fossil and, my God I can barely recall, there's nothing else I assume. On coffee, there are only these places: A Starbucks, a Black Canyon, a Coffee Bean, and duh, Oldtown White Coffee. For Oldtown, I only prefer the outlet next to Ipoh Padang, where there are less people generally and teens especially, who go there with their ladies (girls) with barely boobs, making scenes here and there at times. According to my drinking friends, booze and boobs go together. According to me, coffee and boobs don't. Even more disappointing, the Clearwater Golf Club closes early at 11.00pm and the place is more or less dead after that.

And that's pretty much it. 


I guess I'm going nowhere this Friday night.


dIRtyKhian said...

Sometimes I spend my days in Lumut. :)

Finn said...

will die of boredom if u stay in ipoh.