Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vicious Venus

Seriously it has really been a while now since I last wrote in this blog. There were some people who pressed me much into writing again but, despite being a reluctant man I am, I have to refuse due to some issues that can directly be related to what appears to be my thesis writing. I am now bored and tired of writing my thesis - a long, complicated, way too detailed, way too time consuming and way too boring set of writing, comprising of engineering calculations, drawings, figures and tables - and therefore here I am writing again in this blog just to shut some people up for nagging on me endlessly for it.

I was with Timmy G. this evening, having some manly conversation (or at least what we thought it was) on some particular types of women that generally have destroyed some of known associates; good men they were before they met these types of ladies, and began to go downhill soon after that.

Now that Timmy G. has left, after taking a cup of (my) coffee and had some sticks of (my) cigarettes, might as well I share about what we talked about with you. Provided that I have met, somehow, various kinds of females and, somewhat, ended up with some of them and, somewhere, along the line destroyed some parts of me, I think I have quite a decent knowledge on these ladies. Quite on the egoistical part of me that constantly protested, I still think it could be quite a good topic - Vicious Venus - to be discussed this particular evening, where there were heavy rains outside my window, a cup of hot coffee on my table and a stick of freshly-lit cigarette in between my lips.

I am not going to talk about the whole bunch of women that are out there and constantly causing troubles to their men, and also I am not saying that all women destroyed their men, only some of them do and did. So save your ammo, women, and sit back and relax now. 

Let's start with this one. This type of women generally affects men with what I proposed to Timmy G. as The Cheerleader Effect. To point out this kind of women is simple: they are mostly good looking, loud, do not know exactly how to do house chores (they thought they did but believe me people they didn't), overly pampered, take nagging (annoy or irritate a person with persistent faultfinding or continuous urging) as a hobby and they are so lazy when it comes to things other than beauty, gossips, physically hot males, killing a rival and nagging - the sort of laziness that makes them into couch potatoes whole day long that you'd swear that if they were donkeys you would have deliver a kick straight into their stomachs just to get them going. These women commonly are not bright; the furthest they can go with math is grade 6 arithmetics. When it comes to practical productivity, these women are practically useless. But they stand out perfectly in the crowd - the real reason why they usually be the target of males, sex offenders and porn directors, because in their eyes these men they usually mean one thing: ...well I don't really need to say it do I now? I call this type of women as bitches. 

What? Hey don't give me that look. Even you all call them bitches, you hypocrite double-faced panties!

Now these women (bitches) usually are so proud of themselves from their extensive beauty. They commonly have good heights, nearly-perfect body curves, silky long hairs, well taken care of nails and skins, and facial frame of goddesses, but with a brain of a goat in each of their heads. They commonly appear on fashion shows and magazines (again, not all of them, so calm the milk down already) as models, not knowing that they are being manipulated for the fashion industry and, in a hidden point, for men entertainment industry. Why men entertainment industry? Well if they really want to sell just the clothes, they just might as well show the clothes on the floor, hanging on some cloth hangers or just put them on mannequins, no? Let's take a look at these two following pictures:

Plain White T, no model

Plain White T, with a model

See how these pictures somehow changed the presentation of the same thing - a plain white tee basic? That was exactly what I talked about. But of course, upon way too much interference with the fashion business, the economy will soon collapse due to what appear to be consumerism factor - people buy stuffs they saw on other people's body because they thought they will look good in them, just like the other people are, which is most of the time dead wrong. Enough with the fashion industry, let's roll back into our bitches.

Due to their sex appeals, they often fall into the hands of men with bad (to some people it's good) intentions. This makes them feel as if they are the center of gravity for men, hence increase their sense of being bitchy. This will start into a collective ego that developed around them, and knowing that they can have as many men as they want (as long as those skins are still tight) they start trashing men whom they think do not provide just enough. Provision of money, jewelries and stuffs to these women by men are more or less to keep them around and shut them up, and most men don't mind doing it providing that they have the moolah, just so that the women stay and shut the hell up. And these unknowing ladies thought their men loved them, but for what specifically was never really dug into. They don't even make the best wife to begin with, anyway. 

They're just for fun, actually. 

But these men don't often realize that they are spending just way too much for women that by hook or by crook will leave at the end of the day. And when they realize, it is often way too late, and there they are, upset, disappointed and devastated while looking at what appears to be broken dreams. And by then, the women would already have been with somebody else. Talking about just how the world goes nowadays, eh?

With more and more entertainment that constantly trash men, the respect for men slowly fades. Songs and more songs on how to trash men are now can be listened to in open broadcasts. Younger generations hum to these types of songs and hence the troubles in linking men-to-women these days. Relationship fails before time and marriages get blown up every second now and then, due to this wrongly-understood women power thing. See it for yourselves, sit down and think about it. Why, why it happens?

Just tell me why. 

p/s: I hope by writing this won't get myself banned in females' mags. I want to send in my celebration greetings to them just like they did in Utusan too you know!

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Anonymous said...

well you're looking at one type of women. what about other that whom are not categorized as above explained 'bitches'? :P
i assume you'll be writing more about women, like you always did then. haha. kbye