Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Congratulation, Tigers!

Since the late 90's, I was never really an avid fan of Malaysia soccer team for I found them to be absolute rubbish.

But now time has changed, so has the team.

Malaysian team coach K. Rajagopal has made a very wise decision in my opinion by not placing all the stars in the field - the stars that we knew had almost hit their limit in agility and speed. Instead he placed some very regular-looking kids in his first lineup this time around for AFF Suzuki Cup, and gambled all his trusts by depending only on calculated risks. At the first glance, we Malaysians were not very convinced about their capabilities in slamming the opponent team face first into the ground of defeat, and we thought we were right when we lost an earlier match with Indonesia 1 - 5. 

But we were wrong. 

Powered by some very young, hot-blooded and powerful men, Malaysian team has shown their worthiness in the overall AFF Suzuki Cup matches and made it all the way through definite hardships to in the end meet a very, very familiar opponent - Indonesia - a team that cost us our previous lost, now coming back for more. 

And we smacked them right in the face with 3 goals against none. 

This of course has made some very large number of Indonesians to be very angry, since we use to beat them up from time to time in the game of badminton, and now we're kicking them off into an offending defeat. To add more insult to the injury, we were accused of blinding the Indonesian keeper using some very low intensity laser ray - an incident that first took place during the first Malaysia-Indonesia meet in the tournament, but was experienced by our Malaysian goalkeeper. 

We did not complain about the laser thing, but the Indonesian keeper swore like a girl over it. 

But today despite the endless bashing some avid Malaysian tweeters and I received a couple of days back, we Malaysian won against the Indonesian team in their own ground by aggregate, which I believe up until this point the word has spread around like some massive bubonic plague throughout the country. To which of course I would like to scream my fat off at the Malaysian team soon when they arrive here in our homeland and cry like a baby for their wonderful and sweet winning. 

Thank you, Malaysian Team. You are indeed the young tigers of Malaya. 

Credit to Tengku Noorlina

* * *

As to name some of the heroes in the team, here are my favorite three:

S Kunalan
My favorite guy to watch him in action. He has been kicked, slammed, thrown, tackled, tackled again and smashed into pieces in various physical ways by the opponent players throughout his entire career as a soccer player. But this guy is just so hard to kill. He hardly got injured despite all the kickboxing moves he received every now and then. He runs like a mad dog - as if he floats on air - and appears just right out of nowhere. Even better, he's the only macha in the field. With his very hardworking attitude and unkillable features, he will surely be K. Rajagopal's gold asset. 

Safee Sali
 Penyarung jersi nombor 10, Safee Sali has not only a well-built physique for an Asian man, but he works pretty damn well too! God damn it most of his goals were stylishly done and sensationally celebrated. He is one of the key players that can dribble the ball all by himself from the center of the field and feed it lightning fast into the opponent's goal and in the same time causes some to shit their pants whenever he swings that superb leg. And remember that gesture he makes whenever he scores a goal that is kissing the Malaysian badge? Fucking awesome, that is. One hell of a patriotic hero.

Khairul Fahmi Che Mat

The true hero with one kind of a face and that punk-style hairdo. This guy doesn't talk much (though he occasionally screams at other players to "guard the fucking post damn well") but his moves were fantastic. He repeatedly broke many opponents' attempts to score and he protects his goal post as if he protects his own lady. And look at his picture up there. One damn confident looking guy he is, not just by gestures but by personality and efforts too. He is in fact the man of the match, and whatever awards he soon receives for his endless contributions, he deserves them pretty damn well. 

And this special appearance of one hell of a coach, there's no definite description for him. He is THE K. Rajagopal. 'Nuff said.

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