Friday, December 31, 2010

The End of Twenty-Ten

There are just a few more hours until 2010 meets its end to give way for the whole new twenty-eleven to stop by for quite some time until it too meets the same fate. But whatever it is, we have made it through the year so far with many stories in our hands. Some are good, some are bad and some are in between. These are the handful amount of stories that purely describe what have we become along the way in between two January the firsts. 

Well let’s recap.

When we look again precisely a year back, some of us were awfully drowning in shearing waves of sadness and disappointments from various types of eagerly-punching sources; relationship problems, monetary problems, too much problem problems and other directly and indirectly-related things. To balance the condition, some of us were awfully jumping around in flaming cheerfulness, suffocating in endless laughter of total happiness. A year back too, some of us celebrated the New Year alone hiding in their rooms soaked in tears of despair while some lied in arms of beloved ones soaked in tears of joy. 
We have experienced many good and bad events this year that shaped us into what we are today on 

December the thirty-first. 

Some of us welcomed new members in our ring of connections while some lost theirs. Many of our friends became strangers in the end while many of unknown strangers replace them. We grew up to point friends from foes and the opposite just by using our wisdoms we polished all along the year. Some of us fell in love and some of us found their hearts broken by love, sometimes both, sometimes more than once. Some received new people in their families while some bended down on their knees while looking at the deaths of their family members. 

In a way or another on the walk here some of us have made it, while some never did. 

And tonight, my dear readers, I am sure that all of you will experience mixed feelings that might differ from one another. Some of us might be looking back in times and smile, while some might break down in endless tears. It is very emotional, this year end, always, since it is a common practice that men and women alike charted their performances on a yearly basis, and soon to know the results, the feelings they endure will make them yield into emotional breakdowns. What lies in their hearts, and the reasons why they react in such a way, only they have the real answers.

For myself, the year 2010 taught me a lot of things that perfectly shaped me up into the man I am now. Pain and joy they came alternately and sometimes together. I have seen myself up at the peak with flashing spotlights shone on me, and I have seen myself hugging myself walking under the night downpours all by myself. I have lost friends and I have made foes. I have gained friends and neutralized foes. And most importantly I have realized that the gap in between love and hate is no wider than the diameter of a single human hair. 

But it doesn’t matter what happened in the last 364 days of our lives. What really matters is what we feel today when we look back at those 364 days behind us. Try it, and experience those feelings fully at heart. Take a ten minutes break and sit by yourselves alone, and ask yourselves what you feel once you have explored the days in the pasts. 

As for myself, I feel tender, warm, and most importantly, loved. 

* * *

My dear readers,

Thank you for making this blog cheerful and lively from your continuous visits. Thank you for your supports this whole twenty-ten, and lets us all look forward to the arriving twenty-eleven. May the incoming year promises us endless love and opportunities, and may those of you who will be blanketed in tears of yesterdays tonight will be hugged soon with laughter of tomorrows, while those who will be smiling tonight maintain that smile all over for more years to come.

Thank you again to all my fellow blog, Twitter and Facebook Fanpage followers.

I wish you all a very prosperous and Happy New Year.

Much love and best regards,

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Good luck for your future! :D