Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kenapa Komputer Saya Meletop


Yesterday when I was having fun Twittering and Facebook-ing, some very strange things happened. There were this 'crick-crick-crick' sound came from the back of my CPU. First I thought it was the issue of the power supply unit where the connection of the cable was not secured. So I went and looked at the back of the CPU.

Suddenly, an explosion happened. Blue sparks came out from the back of the CPU followed with some whitish smoke. 

Some things are best to explode massively.

I freaked out and almost shat in my pants. But due to the fact that I have went to the toilet earlier to empty my mobile organic sewage tank just enough to give ways for the remaining solid waste to accumulate for the next routine tank-clearing session. So instead I changed color and rolled myself into a ball like an armadillo does (I wanted to bury my head in earth but my floor is made from concrete and to dig a hole up is just too tiring and time-consuming) for some time. 

When I cooled down, I decided to open up the power supply unit (PSU) where I suspected the smoke came from. I didn't care about the guarantee because it expired ONE day before this happened. What luck. 

Completely naked, baby.

Above is the view of the power supply unit. Everything looked fine until I took a finer look at it. 

Kick ass large capacitors. They zap.

Above are the capacitors meant to regulate the electric output supply to the computer, assuring regulated and tuned power. As you see, there is a brownish smear on the circuit board. Hm, this could be the main reason the PSU went boom. But why?

Something had clearly messed these twin up. 

I kept looking at the failed area of the circuit board until I finally decided to look what was hidden beneath it. The reasons why circuit board fails are generally failing electronic equipments or power surge and short circuit event. 

WTF %@$#

And then when I opened up and lifted the board up, I CURSED frantically. 

Electrically-roasted reptile for tonight's dinner. Take it while it's HOT.

This was a closeup of the little bastard who claimed the lives of my PSU and then itself. The fella was literally fried very well from 500W worth of power. 

That doesn't look so nice, does it?

Above is the view of the base of the PSU where the electric sparks took place. I just can't imagine just how the lizard died, but I am very sure it was very fast and shocking. 

Due to this very unfortunate event, I have to buy myself a new PSU and is showed in the picture below. The computer now is up and running again, and I am now back online. 

EXTREME Power Plus. Bunyi macam ubat kuat.

The power supply unit cost me MYR225.00 though.



Liyana said...

what a really nice snack ek
hebat2..kesian mr cicak..

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

baik kesiankan kat aku dowh T_T

avid said...

Last two months, the same shit happened to me exactly one day before the day I'm about to send my final draft of thesis. thanks to that freaking reptile, i have to start from scratch again.

and when i finally finished my final draft again, i sarcastically credited the lizard in the acknowledgment section.

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

ahaha terbaik! siyell aku pun nak buat macam tu la kat thesis aku!

Anonymous said...

ayoyo bro.

450Watt Cooler Master (with GPU 6pin) boleh dpt dlm rm150.

expensive, but still worth the money.

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

450W barang panas dowh! dua kedai pegi, semua x ada. cap ayam ade la. terpaksa la sapu 500W gak