Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year Resolution, Boobs and Overfed Babies

At this point, everyone should have had theirs.

Every year we celebrate the new year celebration with mixed feelings. And soon after that, after expanding our thoughts into what we have done along the past year, we usually will come out with what we express as resolutions - an approach we design in such a way to carefully mend all the mistakes we did in the previous year and to sustain the good days we had with very least efforts. Now this resolution usually is unique for every person, but at some points generalizations can be easily done after looking at their end destinations. 

For instance, everyone wants a good look. This covers from physical body appearances, enhancements in terms of wardrobe lineup, accessories and whatnot, and possessions such as those flashy cars and houses people nowadays are pumping their adrenaline beyond limit for. Everyone wants that kind of perfect body shape, and probably after losing a couple of cellulites there, toning a bit of muscles here, enlarge some parts and deflate the others, one can actually obtain some very significant results. For wardrobe lineup, accessories and bombing possessions, perhaps just a little bit push against the contemporary capitalist flow will earn some big money, legal or illegal ways, just enough for them to buy one and crave for another. 

But weren't we contemplate on these things exactly a year back?

More often than we know, we are just recycling our resolutions. Perhaps more than us know exactly by now why we recycle them, and to those who don't the answer is simple: they were never been achieved. For the first few weeks of the first quarter of the year we are always in the high spirit - we work like dogs and we live like one too - fierce in moving around and hitting every target right on the forehead with every clean shot we make. But over time just like regular solid toilet items are flushed down into the sewage, our dynamic spirits die slowly to a standstill. Somewhere at the middle of the year, we grow back into what we usually were at the middle of the past years. 

Today, disciplines are hardly practiced anymore. Without disciplines, motivations and determinations, we could only go somewhere halfway before the wind pushes us all the way back where we started (even though some of us eventually walk back willingly), hence the failures in achieving the golden 'new year resolutions'.

We have to learn to speak less and punch more. Our younger generations today learn things the easy way; the real reason why knowledge slides out from their cheese almost as easily. Common sense today becomes an alien way of thinking. Similarly, the large number of ignorants keep the educators at still an alarming rate, finding their ways to work things out before the number of these commonly spoiled brats hit the country into a homerun all the way into the days before the ice age. 

The only wrong aspects (or perhaps some major misunderstanding) is that our 'Malaysia Boleh' today is only on speaking up but hardly on working things up according to the speech. Everyone says that our country can change, that the element of crimes can be toned down, that our mobility can be amended. But what exactly do we do about it? We talk, we give speeches and that's about it.

When it comes to changing the nation, we will sub-out the work to the politicians.

When it comes to the crimes, we will sub-out to the work to the coppers.

When it comes to mobility, we will sub-out to anybody else. 

Astonishingly, when these people we subbed-out the works to do not clearly perform according to our self-acclaimed sky-high standards, we lose our heads. We blame the politicians for doing things wrongly, we cursed the cops who blast some kid's head out for clearly running from them, and worst we kick other people for us not being able to live the way we wanted. What is this? What is all these nonsense? Aren't we supposed to be responsible for our own lives and face the consequences when we FUCK things up? Worst, there are people who live a good life but complain that others don't to those who are supposed to help, without them helping in the first place.

What bloody bloodsuckers. 

So for this year's resolutions I am aiming for more works than words. There are a lot of volunteering works that need volunteers. There are still research works to be done to enhance the technology in this country. And even at my own surprise, there are still many kids that need to be taught on not only engineering in my classes but also about life and other related but similarly important subjects. I am going to work things out with future works and leaders and guide their ways to the better ends. I am going to have not only words but real works to back me up. 

(It is about time you realize that there is nothing about boobs mentioned in this article. If you are here for them, probably it is time for you to check again on you new year resolution lists)

So it is up to you really. Either you continue complaining about life in Twitter or Facebook, or you start doing things to mend them up and only after that share them in Twitter or Facebook. 

But you just can't stop ranting can you, you overfed babies of 2011?

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