Thursday, January 20, 2011

#SoMalaysian: Are We at the Right Track?

Since few days back, my Twitter timeline was flooded (at various intensity) with the hash-tag #soMalaysian.

The hash-tag #soMalaysian is a specific hash-tag used by Malaysian tweeters to point out their views on what makes Malaysian Malaysian. This hash-tag has been used by a large number of Twitter users, and the number of tweets on it has steeply increased since it was first introduced. The cause behind it could be because people wanted to make it into the first ten worldwide trending - not a case we have not achieved, last were #tanyanajib and #khairulfahmi previously.

At first, I thought, this could be a good move by us Malaysian tweeters. By making #soMalaysian a worldwide trending for another one hammer time, I was quite excited actually. Imagine, just how the world will again acknowledge us Malaysian on Twitter, this time about us particularly and about the people, the cultures and the multiracial stands we have today in this beloved nation. Now is that not great? In a way, we could be helping the foreigners to have a greater perspective on us, and might trigger their curiosity at an even alarming rate right sufficient enough to draw them all here visiting the country.

As much as I anticipated on the outcomes of #soMalaysian, I was in the end very much disappointed.

#SoMalaysian hash-tag is nothing but mostly a very discouraging (though in some eyes are 'entertaining, funny and unexceptionally hilarious') group of tweets of just how ugly Malaysians are. All the dirty secrets came out since the previous few days for the whole world to view. Interesting enough, some of them were even re-tweeted multiple times.

As much as I too agreed on the facts that carried #SoMalaysian hash-tag, they are not the kinds of things that can possibly represent all Malaysians. Some of them were only practiced by ethnicity. Some of them even only occur in rural areas. And do we take these smallest of localized occurrences to represent us Malaysian? We did. #SoMalaysian appears to expose to the world just how ugly we are. 

I am no doubt a Malaysian. 

But when I looked at the trending of #soMalaysian, I was like, "holy shit, what is this stuff?!" There were a lot of ugly things that happened to the not-so-majority group of people but were tagged as #SoMalaysian. What the FUCK are you talking about? When did I buy bikes for my kids just so that they can race on tarmacs? And that thing on flushing toilets, when did I ever forget to? And miss-calling others for the fun of it? 

Seriously, what is this stuff?

Do we nurture these kids with our #soMalaysian?

When neighboring countries poked on our faces some times back, we were awfully at rage over the matter. We completely denied their accusations and insults that we were no good, that we were useless piece of shits. Today we look at our own Malaysian, proudly presenting #SoMalaysian hash-tag into world wide webs, just as humiliating as how we were humiliated by previously foreign nations. 

The hash-tag should have not been #soMalaysian. It should have been #BadMalaysian or something. Anyway I was wondering too, of all those bad things getting tweeted by Malaysian themselves on #soMalaysian, were they aware that they were, in a way, speaking of themselves? Well aren't these tweeters Malaysian? 

I feel embarrassed, sorry and sad.

If you don't believe me, go ahead and click #soMalaysian now and look for yourself, and then ask yourself once and for all, are you Malaysians of those kinds, provided that #soMalaysian should have represented yourselves and others of the same kinds? 

If not, then are you still Malaysians?

p/s: CIMB - Cina India Melayu Bank.

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Naa said...

Hi, Assalamualaikum. :)
& I thought I was the only one who thinks so. Thank you for this. We are not alone. Kalau tegur, nanti sentap pula. I can't handle haters yet, not strong enough. Hehehe. One day I hope! ...