Friday, January 14, 2011

Thank You, My Dear Unbeloved Baboon.

In life, there are two types of people you will meet
those who say thank you, and those who don't.

* * *

As a social animal, human prone to be surrounded by many others of the same kind who give and receive attentions to each other to fulfill the requirement as social pacts. The interactions in between the species varies in terms of intensity, method and other compounding variables that more or less shape the way communications are performed in between two or more of these very intelligent primates. However, more often than not we miss to notice that despite human being the only social beings that are able to vastly communicate, there are some who at times brought uneasiness in communication processes that take place at every second of the day. 

Also known as spoilers, these type of people most commonly contribute in sparking negative emotions in the members of which certain types of communication that include them. These are the mostly ill-mannered, rough, proud, often making noises to attract easy attentions, and as one may already ponder about, poorly educated, in a sense of social ethics.

My suggestion is to avoid these types of spoilers best when you spot them. There shall be no need for conflicts, though in every circumstances the chance for conflicts to occur is pretty high, for conflicts are for those who are not quite conscious of what specifically happen to them. Amidst the rule for engagement should one day a conflict might brew with these kind of fouling fodders, it is best to withdraw the swords, for these kinds of blindfolded fighters fight more like a thousand baboons at rage - full of energy but is channeled to non-specific targets, only aiming at mass destructions but missing most of the intended targets. 

In the army, these people are not suitable to handle a machine gun or any gunnery equipment for safety reason; these trigger-happy people may not only be emptying the barrel in less than a minute without even hitting a target but instead sending the whole battalion into chaos for aiming and sending out friendly fires. Having them to work in a nuclear power plant will be the worst mistake ever done in the whole history of mankind, second to having them in this world in the first place. 

Intolerable, arrogant, mindless and superbly and terrifyingly irritating and annoying bunch of fellas. An undeveloped potato can win them over by 50 points when it comes to IQ test. It was once rumored that even a tiny little pebble can outsmart them in a tic-tac-toe game, and a helpless electric guitar to trash them by minutes in a 100 meter sprint. 

To quarrel with an immature, proud and loud person is like to drain a moving river with a pail, one full bucket at a time - it never ends, and only end up embarrassingly. Much as I express my sadness for having accidentally bumped into them and tried my best to assist, only to in the end get not only humiliated but charged with very despicable replies (though this was fairly expected mainly from early justifications made on their choice of words when speaking - very very ill-mannered), I have somehow grown into not to give any affordable attention to them anymore, for my time is best spent to those who are worth it. 

To name one, a few days back I was assisting, or rather trying to, an undergraduate student from a local university (not UTP) over some questions he needed help with via social media. He made countless mistakes in deriving the questions (it was a Bernoulli's and a few thermal-energy related issues), and in the same time stood rigidly from being corrected, and instead of, accused me for bluffing him off and advised me to study on thermal energy before speaking to him again.

I have been in thermal energy field for almost four years you stupid sonofabitch.

Therefore, avoid them at all cost. Always remember to remain at your class, for succumbing into theirs shows that you are of no class at all. When challenged or criticized by this time of people, simply nod off and allow them to proceed with their subjects - pride and self-claimed fame - and carry on with what we were with previously. It saves times generally, and prevents humiliations, primarily. There is no way to change these people no more, for they are already way too damaged that if ever to be repaired will not only cause another waves of damages but also wasting a lot of treasured times. Just give them what they want, they'll walk away. Just like what I did to the student mentioned previously.

Because nothing makes my day better than to know that he is making God-knows-how-much errors each god damn day throughout his entire life. 

* * *

In life, there are two types of people you will meet
those who say thank you, and those who don't.

Tips: Stick with the first one, middle finger at the other.


♛ LORD ZARA 札拉 ♛ said...

Middle finger aite?

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

seharusnya. kadangkala yang tidak elok itu perlu dipulang semula, bukan?