Sunday, March 20, 2011

Engineering 101: How NOT to Be an Accidental Porn Star

Ever wonder how the hell that picture of yourself you took right after shower ended up in the world wide web?

Well a few ways actually.

However, today this educational series will discuss only the most common doings that lead to such occurrences. Today we will talk about how those pictures you took discreetly can travel all the way to the knowledge of everyone; how your pictures got leaked into the internet, and how to prevent that from happening. This information is crucial since there have been too many unsuspecting victims of this kind of information breaches and manipulations recently.

Before that, this entry is meant to give you only the very, very brief information on the matter. So don't expect any tutorial whatsoever.

Let's take a look at how your pictures and sometimes videos went to the wrong hands in the first place:


When you take pictures of yourself spreading your legs for no particular reasons using a camera, these images (or videos, if you'd prefer) will be stored in the unit's memory. Just like you take a look at people and store the images in your head, this memory works just similarly, only that it can be erased willingly and otherwise stores the images in them for an awful long time unless jeopardized or damaged.

This physical memory device most commonly comes in terms of memory cards, flash cards and whatever you call them, if not as standalone memory cards in your camera/phone. What differs these two is that, you cannot remove a standalone card (or built-in card) the way you can remove the removable memory cards.

You can store those kinky images of yourselves in either or both types of memory cards, and when they are full, you can always transfer them images to your hard drives in your computers or laptops, and empty the cards for another session of kinky photo shoot.

Suppose that one day, your mobile phone, camera or your computer/laptop went crack and decided to shut down for slight bits of your attentions. And when this occurred, most often you will send them for repair. You think that it will be safe by just removing the removable memory cards, which really is, unless you store your kinky images in your built-in memory cards in your devices.

And this is where the fun begins.

Usually, the camera devices are commonly sent to repairmen without their internal memories wiped out, and even if they were, not sufficiently. Even when you execute the 'DELETE' and 'FORMAT' commands on your device's internal memory, the data is still recoverable. This can be done using just some data recovery softwares widely available in the internet. By using these softwares, improperly-deleted data can still be recovered.

Same goes with your laptops and computers. The deleted data can still be recovered, provided that the data was recently deleted. Even worse, some of the customers will send their computers and laptops for repair without even deleting their personal files. This provides the way to the repairmen to not only access them but to copy, to store and in very unfortunate cases, to share.


Simple. Follow this guideline:

1. Store images only in removable memory cards.
2. Make sure to have at least 2 memory cards - 1 for daily use, and 1 for kinky and unconventional use.
3. Do not store your 'memory card for kinky purposes' anywhere near public access nor in places where it could certainly be lost - in your bag, wallet etc. Hide it carefully. One of the best hiding place will be in your ass cavity, as long as you don't forget about it the next time you take a dump. No, seriously.
4. Before sending your phone/camera for repair, remove all removable memory cards and wipe your built-in memories with special formatting software (CCleaner etc).
5. Don't lend your phone/camera along with the removable memory cards attached. (Note: this method could backfire, especially when the borrower uses your devices to take kinky pictures of themselves, leading you to be able to recover their data even though deleted upon return)
6. If it is permitted, stay around at the repair center to make sure the repairmen do not access your data.
7. Treat your phone like your own dick. Or boobs, whichever applies. Bring them everywhere. Don't leave your phone around. I can take your phone and copy all data in just a matter of less than 3 minutes, maybe lesser.
8. Get a removable hard drive (or DVDs). All the daily stuffs can stay in the primary hard drive for your computer/laptop, while the rest can stay in the removable hard drive. And treat your removable hard drives like your dick and boobs. Hide them properly, and protect them like you're protecting your own dick. Or boobs, for that matter, whichever applies.
9. If you cannot follow all these stated above: don't take any picture with your face visible. This include jewelries, clothes or other personal items that can distinguish you from others out there. That way, you'd stay anonymous.

Follow this guideline and hopefully you'll be safe from information thievery. Otherwise, please prepare to appear in ways you don't always want to appear in the internet :D


Nveil said...

ohmy! thanks for the info jack! pheww~

hafifizainal said...

minta keizinan utk share ,

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

No prob Nveil.

Angkat je Hafifi ;)

Farah said...

LOL this is very useful!! Haha

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

Thanks, PC ;)

miza said...

the best way to prevent your nude pic from leaking to the net is always the same way to prevent unwanted pregnancies - don't do it.

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

Well, true.