Saturday, March 12, 2011


In life, there are a few of questions that have remained unanswered. Right when this entry is written, the consistencies of these unanswered questions to remain unanswered are beyond questions. Riddles like 'where in the world is Emilia Earhart?', 'what does a woman really want?' and 'what the hell are we here anyway?' fruited many speculated answers but nonetheless very subjective and inaccurate. 

Another question remaining unanswered, despite it's high chance to unlikely be an important issue, is 'why the heck did Jack disappear?'. 

However ridiculous my whereabouts were speculatively generated since the previous day I made my appearance in this blog - finally lost my mind; got pregnant; accidentally being compressed into an atom; presumed dead et cetera - it would be my honor to explain that my disappearance was, instead of all the mentioned possibilities, numb.

Numb. You read correctly.

Being numb is one of the many things that human most commonly abuse as an excuse to escape the narrow passage of curiosity and as well as to keep the conversation short. Come to think of it, how many times did you ever use the excuse in your whole life when it comes to explaining certain occurrences? Take for instance, when you ask someone why exactly does he (or she, as to answer the cry from anti-sexist movement) not study or do his homework? 

"My head is numb," he (or she) says. 

Another interesting encounter is when you ask one, typically a female, why exactly is she not in a relationship despite her increasingly older age:

"I'm numb to love," she said. 

How the hell does one goes numb to love? How exactly one becomes numb to love, from experiences of loving in the first place? Why numb becomes the most popular answer to answer these very stereotypical questions? And most importantly, what is the relationship between this numbness and my disappearance?

Come to think of it, it wasn't numbness that was the real issue. It was that I was quite busy with errands that have been pressing me continuously for a few weeks now. But I foresee that this business may slow down a little since the major parts of my works are almost beginning to complete. Therefore it is quite safe to say that I am back for more thoughts to say - or as most of you will put it as 'to intimidate people with his bizarre contributions to radical ideas' - here in my blog. 

I will be frequently updating this blog from time to time to explore the brutality of thoughts in my mind and type them down for you to read. 

So, what do we want to talk about today?

p/s: It's good to be back. 

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