Friday, March 18, 2011

The Unmistakable Legacy of Rahman Rosli

[This entry is scheduled to automatically publish on 18th of March 2011 at 1.45pm so that Rahman Rosli will not notice the appearance of this entry for certain undisclosed reasons.]

To some people, Rahman Rosli is just another guy.

But to some other people, he could be everything else.

Slightly younger than me by 2 years, Rahman Rosli was born on the 17th day of the third month of the 87th year of the first millennium, or simply March the 17th 1987. Having the opportunity to celebrate his 24th birthday yesterday, Rahman Rosli foresaw to have a single slot for himself in this particular blog, from which the writer is very particular in choosing only particular people to appear in this particular blog, particularly.

The Man, the Bass, the Legend

With a possessed Bachelor Degree of Engineering in Mechanical with Honors, Rahman Rosli is now working in Chartis/AIG, an insurance company presumed to be within the vicinity of the capital of Malaysia. As a certified mechanical engineer as I am, he is assumed to be carrying with him all the necessary fundamentals of engineering everywhere he goes. With this ability, he is henceforth assumed to be able to make up to quite a desirable amount of wage per month - one of the main criteria why this person has to appear in most female's little black book.


Despite his heavy involvement in the engineering academics, and for certain reasons he is now working at an unknown position in his current insurance office, Rahman Rosli has quite an entertaining side in the love for art. He plays the bass guitar and has been performing for quite a few times in the campus music arena, and has since developed a cult for his music band lovers. As he is not just another guy, he is also not just a bass guitar player. His showmanship is pretty powerful and his notes are impressively accurate as his fingers dance on the wooden fret of bold metal strings, sending mellow tunes to the unsuspecting crowd. People cried when hearing him played. It was rumored that one time some females in the audience did not only throw their panties on the stage to keep him moving but as well as everything else they wore within seconds of listening to his tunes. And he just never stopped. With this very powerful ability, he made John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin looks like a goddamn amateur trying to make tunes out from a string of rubber attached to a fishing rod. 

As to comply with the strict orders from the Ministry of Homeland Security to avoid mass hysteria and spread of cult movements, Rahman Rosli is barred from performing at any music performance at national and international levels.

While every other males who resort to playing guitar to enhance their positions in the Scale of Coolness, Rahman Rosli took another leap to godlikeness by getting involved in flying. Real flying. Not the sort of those makeup stories about you being able to fly a jumbo jet through a series of very turbulent storm that you told to every chick you met, when the truth is that you chickened out from very tiny turbulence each time you took a plane. This is SO not Rahman Rosli. As the image below suggests, Rahman Rosli is currently an able pilot and is registered under the wings of the Royal Selangor Flying Club. This fact makes every other guy on the planet 5,000 feet - the usual altitude which Rahman Rosli usually cruises at - lower than Rahman Rosli in the Scale of Coolness, and at each time Rahman Rosli flies. The way he speeds on the plane makes all Mat Rempits worldwide seem to move at a velocity almost equal to being stationary. This caused a large portion of total Mat Rempits to degrade into lifelong depression. Many died while trying to match the speed of Rahman Rosli, and so far his speed record remains unchallenged, despite the fact that he only flies a propeller-driven plane.

A pose before taking the plane for dinner at the usual mamak

As to add more insult to the injuries of all other males who do not have even the slightest idea in handling a baby, Rahman Rosli proves to be highly adequate in taking care of children from age 0 to 5 years old all by himself. He is also rumored to have the secret technology to produce highly-nutritious human milk from a strike of his bass guitar at a correct series of note, where milk starts filling the bottle at each strike, making Rahman Rosli the largest threat ever to not only baby milk formula producers all over the world but also breastfeeding moms. The picture below dictates this fact strongly, justifying on the fully-satisfied facial expression shown by the toddler in his arms - the phenomena which naturally occurs only to 1 in 50,000 babies.

Rahman Rosli makes Walt Disney a sore pain in the ass for kids

This legacy of Rahman Rosli is told from one generation to another in traditional Malay families as to boost the morale of the springs, despite the known fact that to be another Rahman Rosli is strongly impossible. There is only one Rahman Rosli and there could never be another. There could only be one 'The Chosen One' in every generation, and there could never be two at a time since this will bring chaos into the force. Should that very unlikely event occurs, one of them must die in order to bring balance and order back to the force, and that could never be Rahman Rosli.

Despite all these very exaggerated facts about Rahman Rosli, there is one more fact that can further throw this guy flying in the air: dearest females, Rahman Rosli is at the current time when this entry is written, is single. Therefore, do not hesitate more to flash your boobs say hi to Rahman Rosli to attract his attention. This will make him very happy. This sort of chances do not come everyday, so grab it fast and grab it now. 

I end this entry with this very special wish to my very special blog follower Rahman Rosli:

"Happy birthday darling bro! All the best and good luck to come! Prosperity and happiness all year long! And thanks for following my blog so far!"

And sorry for this entry. I just got a little too carried away, and I don't want to throw this out either. 

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