Sunday, April 17, 2011


I kinda feel sorry for some people. 

I am not currently new to social network websites people nowadays get indulged in. Apart from Friendster that I have left inactive for almost two years now, I am currently active in Twitter and Facebook. And apart from all joy of seeing all the lively updates these people whom I am connected to posted, I started to see some very clear patterns of what a smaller group of these people tended to do each time they updated their Facebook status or tweeted in Twitter.

They complained. 

Well I don't mind people complaining about things, since I myself sometimes do in order to express certain disagreements I have with things I have issues with. Nevertheless I tried not to complain a lot since I figured that it did not only bring any solution to things but also made me look like a super-pampered baby princess. Well I don't want that. And then again, who does? Alas, I know some of these people in my Twitter and Facebook that do. 

To complain moderately is considerable, but these hardcore people they do not only complain but swear, throw tantrums, go nuts over things and unknowingly destroy their public image. They don't complain moderately, or say, properly and politely. They just go all in, everything goes, all of them. Well, sure, you're the kind of punk who doesn't give a damn about what people think of you. Yes, fine enough. But come on, you seriously don't?

It's never wrong to complain. People will see that you are critical about things and they can safely draw your personality using these complains you lodged previously in their knowledge. But what would people think when you lodge like a FUCKLOAD of complains? Well, since you have so much time complaining, why don't you do something about it? 

Sure, you didn't like your roommate singing in the middle of the night; why didn't you go to her, slap her in the face and slam it into your knee or something? That could deliver a point.

Sure, you didn't like the way your maid did your Milo in the morning; why didn't you just make the damn thing yourself? That could make a difference.

Sure, you didn't like the way you like her but didn't have the guts to tell her; why don't you grab some balls and do it like a man? That could end some bits of your misery. 

Sure, you didn't like the way the BN won the election and how their candidates did their jobs; why didn't you go in as one of the opposing candidates and secure a winning streak? We all would like to see just how you execute the duties. 

I am not sorry that you complained, neither that I would be sorry if you didn't. I am sorry that you complained excessively and not doing anything about it. Come on now, do something that matters. Unless you can do something about it, might as well just leave it aside, or complain a little and move on. 

Because it's better to stop talking before people stop listening. 

p/s: you really sure you don't care what people say about you?


Qiez AR said...

Because it's BITTER to stop complaining before people stop caring.


Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

Over a cup of hot Milo? That's very, very impressive.

I should start complain about my cup of self-made coffee then.

Qiez AR said...

Yeah, over a cup of hot Milo, realistically speaking. :)

People are getting so "manja" nowadays.

what to do? Try to fit in je lah kan? ;)

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

Hm. Point.

I like your blog. There are a few things i would like to ask. How do I contact you?