Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Male Sistership Behaviors Nowadays

I think that men these days are becoming physically soft.

Too soft.

It had been sincerely some times since I last met and saw real men at work. What exactly I mean by real men is any man who is tough enough to go through any physical stress and live through with it. And what I mean by physical stress is not necessarily running around in the middle of a war zone carrying a 14kg multipurpose machine gun on the shoulder while holding a Gurkha knife in between the teeth like Rambo did, or going to space to drill a damn hole up on a runaway asteroid like the boys in Armageddon did. 

Even the tabletop fan stops spinning when Rambo is around, just so
that he sweats more. More sweat, more heroic. 

What I mean by physical stress is the ability to carry out certain duties that require specific masculine powers and although women can do it, the jobs really belong to men. For instance: home fixing, mowing the lawn, protecting belongings and properties, heavy duty lifting works and all other physically-demanding errands from the surrounding. As much as these duties may be performed safely, someone could sometimes, as easily, get sweaty, tired, and more often, hurt. 

Looking at the younger generation, they think twice to do all these. 

"I don't want to do the cleaning works, I might get infected from germs."
"I don't want to fix the pipe. It's dirty and disgusting."
"I don't want to mow the lawn, it's hot and I might get sweaty."
"I don't want to carry the books upstairs, I might break my back."

Urgh, what are you, a girl? 

Take a look at your pale, soft skin; have you ever been walking under the sun lately? Take a look at your baby-skin palm and smooth fingers; have you ever hold a damn wrench? Look at your fine body without even a single cut; do you know how it hurts when you get a cut? That muscles you build up at the gym surely look impressive; ever helped around the house with all your overloaded strength, or is it for appearance purposes only? 

You're not a queer, are you?

I cannot stand men who complains about being dirtied up, tired and sweaty from doing errands that obviously expose them to such consequences. It's entirely normal to get cut from sharp edges while fixing a car engine; get burnt from accidentally touching a hot radiator pipe; get dirtied and oiled from point contacts on mechanical parts; get sweaty from the heat, the work and anything else related. Completely normal, completely expected. 

Despite his devotion to handling the oil blowout, Jim does not realize about another problem
that awaits him at home when his wife soon looks at what majestic laundry disaster she has to handle.

You don't need to send the car all the way to the workshop just to get the radiator reserve water tank filled up. You can do it yourself. But believe it or not, I have seen this happened when I sent my car for regular service at a local automotive workshop. Came someone I knew later to the workshop while I was smoking at an end of the premise. When asked, he said he wanted to fill up his radiator water tank. And he happened to be a male Mechanical Engineering student of mine. 

Wait, seriously? 

I wish that some of the males can get their hands into practical works. There was one time at the open laboratory workshop when suddenly a machine broke down, causing broken primary coolant fluid line to shower the whole floor with smelly, gooey liquid. I was there operating on another machine, and there were a few others too. When that breakdown happened, only three persons attended the situation, me included, while the rest of them so-called future engineers stood aside with folding arms. We were very disappointed, really. 

Hey, big shots, mind helping us out here for a bit? Or you rather stand there and watch? Why, worried that your Klein's shirt got messed up? Mama told you not to play with dirt?

There was one time last year when I was supposed to visit a palm oil plantation with this one guy from another academic institution to collect some in-situ biomass samples. We agreed to go to the plantation at around 9.00am. When the time came and we met up, he asked to reschedule because 'it is hot out there'. And I snapped right away.

The man is, literally, hot.

Hello? What the HELL are you talking about? Where do you think we live at, Siberia? Well of course it's hot out there! It has to be hot! We live near the equator, everyone knows that. What do you expect, we do the sample collection at night? Or in the rain perhaps?

But we went to the plantation despite his comments on the weather. And then came another complain: mosquitoes. 

Eh, hello! You knew that we're going to a plantation. Of course one will expect the presence of mosquitoes, elephants, snakes, wild boars, maybe some wartime active bombs, all these kind of things. And why are you wearing shorts? What SHIT is this? You think, what, we're going to a funfair, is it? Now the mosquitoes bit you, what do you expect me to do? Call an ambulance? Turn the place into a desert with napalm air strikes and artillery bombing to kill all mosquito population? 

You just imagine how I suffered that 4 hours with him. 

But that's the thing. Some of these men are beginning to be so bloody soft that they cannot stand biting mosquitoes. I think that these men should spend more times outside than in front of their computers or comics or Wii or whatever activities best carried out indoors. A lot of things we can help out there, and apart from the fact that it brings goodness to physical health, it also helps to boost some morale points up. 

Well at least that's what I think. How about you?


CERBYwinnfield said...

You mean something like these?


Hahaha. I do enjoy doing these dirty stuff. I even signed up with a company to be a roughneck, but those bastids brought me in as an engineer.

Next jump? This kind of dirty stuff: http://goo.gl/XctS1


Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

Ah. Good for you. Any empty slot over there for a decent engineer like me?