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Monday, April 18, 2011

Sleep: A God Damn Analytical Approach


1. Average sleeping time = 8 hours
2. Lifespan = 70 years
3. 1 year = 365 days

Consider that one lives for 70 years;

70 years = 25,550 days

And consider that one sleeps 8 hours a day by average;

Time spent sleeping = 25,500 days x 8 hours = 204,400 hours

Converting into days;

204,400 hours / 24 hours per day = 8516.67 days

Converting into years;

8516.67 days/365 days per year = 23.3 years.

Therefore the percentage of life time spent on sleeping = 23.3/70 x 100 = 33.2857 %, or more or less 1/3 of total lifespan.

...God damn.

1 comment:

miza said...

susahnya ko kira. cara kira aku lagi mudah. 8jam = 1/3 day. Assuming you sleep everyday without missing a single day, then you pretty much sleep 1/3 of your life away, doesn't matter how long you live.