Thursday, May 05, 2011

I Need A Damn Job


For some certain reasons I know that some of you readers:
1. Are engineers,
2. Work in engineering companies,
3. Have family members/colleagues/lovers/friends/scandals/missus/pimps etc. who are engineers.
If it is not too much to ask, I would like to inquire some assistance in my job application. Should you have any information regarding any appropriate engineering job vacancies out there that include:

1. Engineering bidding & estimation (Mechanical & Electrical, Piping & Instruments)
2. Process piping fabrication (GRE/GRP, Duplex, SS, CS)
3. Offshore facilities (Drilling, production, mud control, monitoring
4. Process & production (oleochemicals, petroleum, wastewater)
5. Heavy engineering fabrication (pressure vessels, jackets, topsides, etc)
6. Energy Generation & Supply (turbines, power plants, alternative energy, hydroelectric)
7. Risk Assessment (inspection, prevention, reviews)

...and anything related to general Mechanical Engineering with specific fields of Petroleum and Renewable & Alternative Energy, please leave some info in the comment section. I thank you so much for your helps.

p/s: this one is real. Don't come out with funny job ideas like being a pirate, a pimp et cetera. thanks.

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