Friday, May 27, 2011

People Come, People Go

Looking back at times, sometime I wonder how did I get here in the first place.

Twenty-six years of being alive so far, from which the clock is ticking as we speak to make it another complete year, I have seen so much, been into so much, hoped for so much, earned so much and lost so much. The mould that shapes me constantly change from all kinds of feedbacks I received from all my doings, changing me as a result into someone different each coming day. What I was yesterday, however identical, may not be exactly similar person as I am today.

My constantly-changing self has so far confirmed to be my only driving force that continues to push me forward to achieve what I have yet to. Sometimes my hopes were beyond the stars, sometimes they were right beneath my shoes. Despite my only self being the dominant being that strives to obtain things I have always wanted, things may still be the same now like ten years back if not for some very significant people I have got myself surrounded all these times.

Family members, friends, fans and foes; the people that have kicked me forward whenever I stopped and the people who have caught me whenever I was passing so fast. These people meant a lot, however negative they were to me, and I owe them a lot of credits for creating what today I believe to be my own adult, mature person.

If not because of the supports I received from my family members, I would have broke down so badly back then that at this present time I could have been a stray dog living a hell of a life by the street waiting to be hit by a passing car in the middle of the night.

If not because of the advices and care I received from my close friends, I would have not be so clearly focused, educated and critical as I am now. If not for them, I would have ended up a failing loser somewhere along the way when I was in my undergraduate studies back then. The supports I continue to receive from them even when this entry is written, and how could I not be more appreciative.

If not because of my fans who some do visit this site almost every day just to give a visit (or leave some traces in the Feedjit tracker) and read whatever things I wrote here, this blog could have died long ago, perhaps only in weeks after this writing effort of mine was started. I rejoice the warm feelings I get each time I see people coming to this site just to see what have been scripted and progressed to share them with the people they care about.

And now, the most important thing.

If not because of my enemies, I wouldn't have been projected so far above my anticipated barrier as I am comfortably sitting at today. If not because the hatred, the never-ending crushing critics and most disappointingly untrue rumors going around about myself being thrown irresponsibly all these times, I wouldn't have been quite a fighter. If not because of some friends turning foes in the end, I won't be able to identify my true buddies as I fought my way through. And as my father always told me, "you cannot make some friends without making some enemies (note: although this may sound similar to what the movie made for Facebook. com, my father has been telling me this since I was a child)", I began to see the truth when I saw unknown strangers, known acquaintances, and even lovers, became one of the strongest enemies I could have ever had in life. As much as I was utterly disappointed, I was satisfyingly grateful.

Therefore, dear readers, I hope that you do take a look back at times and relate what you are today to the people around you, however their existence status may be at the current time, do contemplate on the effects these people and time have affected you so far. And when you begin to see their contributions, however distinct, admit them and say your gratitudes even when you just do it to yourself, completely unexpressed.

And as you go through the same road today to destinations unknown, bear in mind that in time, there will be more of new people coming, and there will be some people leaving.

And maybe as we speak, it is already going on.

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