Friday, May 20, 2011

Those Who Do, Those Who Don't


[Before we begin, it is vital to note that this post repetitively uses the word 'fuck' and its derivations; those who might find this offensive, please stay away.]

It has really been a while since I last updated. A lot of things to be posted but the time I had wasn't just enough to permit such privilege. Nevertheless I tried to cheat the timekeeper and managed to type something here just so that the blog remains active despite my occasional disappearance. 

This morning I tweeted something that somebody told me in my dream the night previously, and it goes like this:

"In life there are two types of people; those who fuck, and those who get fucked. Which one is you?"

Although the dream I had was still a bit too shady for me to fully remember, but I could recall that the person who told me this was, surprisingly, none other than my own self. Apart from me being too egoistical at times, dreaming about myself telling me myself things gave the impression that it was about time to give my ego a bit of slaps to tone down a little. All I could pull to explain this very strange situation is that I was talking to my own subconscious mind - represented in the form of myself - the main culprit behind all the writings herein lie in time as far as it goes all the way back since I first posted my first blog entry. 

As to go back to the saying above, it could never be more thoughtful. Those who fuck appear to be the most dominant and often seen to practice their power on the rest of the party, also known as those who get fucked. It is not hard to see this in real life situation, where daily we easily see people fucking other people up for some certain reasons that are subject-dependent. In some cases people fuck other people up for good reasons, but most of the time for the bad ones. 

In spite of any reason any of you choose to reason why you fuck other people up (or get fucked, similarly), it is wise to note that the pattern always shows that the practice moves in a circle. For instance, if you get fucked by someone today, you will most probably find somebody else to fuck with, and that person, similarly, will lose it on someone else. To date I am not sure whether the ends of the circle have kindly meet, unless it is proven that there is actually someone who cannot get fucked, hence he (or she, damn you feminine movement) is the biggest fucker among everybody else. 

Sometimes, you don't need to be a villain in order to fuck other people up; you can actually strike against your enemy by fucking them up, provided that they fucked you up in the first place. So in this case, you could be both - the person who fucks, and the person who gets fucked. No matter where you choose to be, you'd still find yourself stranded somewhere in the middle of the cycle, where either way you have to fuck, or get fucked, whichever possible.

Of course there is a pro-and-con in being one of the biggest fuckers, and as well as being the biggest fucked-up. That, I leave to you to think about. 

So here's the question again: 

Which one is you?

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