Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Junk Money

I have a lot to spend my money on but the thing is that I don't have that much money.

Quite a problem there. 

Looking around myself, it has really been a while since I shopped for gadgets. Some of them really need to be replaced for their prime time has long gone. 

I still use my old HTC Touch 3G that I bought using the cash I was able to stash up after a breakup years ago -- one of the time I felt so filthy rich -- until today. The phone has experienced some nominal damages although I really took care of it at all time. The wear and tear effects start to show, and perhaps the phone is only able to serve for no more than a year from now, perhaps 6 months max. 

My camera is still the same old Panasonic Lumix FZ-18 that I bought sometime in 2008, I think, or maybe earlier than that. The camera is still good as new, but following a hard knock from an accidental drop sometime at the end of last year, it started to give signs of incompetence during assignments. From the look of it the camera can still last for long, although I really hope I could replace it with a latest version of Lumix sometime soon.  

What else?

I still use the PC I had since 2003 but has since been upgraded from time to time. It is now running on Windows 7 and is very stable although at times I have pushed it to almost its limitations for heavy AutoCAD renderings and computer games. I would like to have a good laptop sometime soon, much to its mobility, since to carry a CPU and a monitor and the accessories all around are defenitely not practical to, although still possible. With a laptop, maybe I can be more of a workaholic since I am able to work almost everywhere. 

I used to own some Mp3 players but they are all dead except for one which only turns on when a direct electricity supply is connected to it. I can say that that piece of junk is depending entirely on life support now. Maybe it's time to let go of all these old gadgets already. 

But then again I love my junks.

So many stories of my life they all carry together with me. The fact that these gadgets were (and some are still) my best friends during my loneliest and hardest times in life makes it more difficult for me to let them go. Although these entirely distasteful session of memories can usually be passed on when there is drinking involved, I just couldn't bear the facts that, all these junks, are actually the fucking love of my life. They are my native histories. 

They know what happened.   

I am also in the need for a new watch if possible. But then again I need to save up for my future; the wedding, life after campus, for sustainable and maintainable lifestyle, for this and that. I can't just go out and spend my hard-earned money just like one lets out an explosive diarrhea during one rainy midsummer morning. I have so much other things to save for. 

Some says that, "well, why don't you spend now and save up when you get your first salary?"

Frankly, if I follow that example, when my first salary pops in my account, the first thing that will cross my mind is the, 'well, why not spend now and save up the second salary?'. And it goes on. Whoever practices (and advises me) this, you have been a good stock for the capitalist world -- the same reason why you are forever poor and have so many debts to keep up with and so many spending to do right when you get cash in your hands. 

I can just be selfish and (spoiled?) now and get myself all the shiny blings-blings and the fancy thangs of the new world and impress the people around me with all the good, brand-new things that will be out of fashion by the end of next week, and lose everything in the end. 

Or maybe I can just save up now (although this sounds rather pathetic) and spend the cash later on when I am making more money. That way perhaps I can love my savings better, and I can have more time with all my old time junks that are definitely, frankly, irreplaceable.

Damn irreplaceable.

p/s: call me a cheapo, but we both know I'm richer than you are.


Dev Clarehova said...

forget about the "Price Tag"... ;p

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

eh? how la?