Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Memo to Fans

Hello everyone.

As you now may have realized, this blog's URL has been changed to its new domain. Although this change has been anticipated since the very beginning of this blog, the plan has been entirely neglected at all time mainly due to two things: the author was broke and the author was lazy.

But now finally it has changed.

Thanks to two people who reminded and helped me out with the change. Miss Devreny 'Dev' Disin came out with the idea that later reminded me about the long lost plan while Mr Shibli 'Shibble' Nuqman helped me out with the domain and the entire blog setting. Thanks a lot you two.

I hope that this blog will remain as educating, entertaining and amusing as ever, and I thank you all for the supports I have received so far. If not because of you loving fans (and curious foes), this blog will never receive much attentions like it did. Keep supporting and keep reading, alright? And keep up with the constructive criticisms and suggestions. Lets make this page better and better each day, me and you.

Love you all! XOXO!


Dev Clarehova said...

u're most welcome! :) is really COOL!!!

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

ahaha :D thanks dev! really cool indeed!