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The Curious Case of The Bullet In The Head

At the beginning of the day today I read about what happened to the cop who once shot an underage kid right in the head some time back. I am very much assured by my own instincts that most of you who read this introduction are well aware of the current matter. 

Frankly enough, I am not fully informed about the case, so some of my arguments here could be misdirecting. So to the readers, I open the session should you think you want to contribute something in the discussion. Bear in mind that you may, or you may not, agree with all of the arguments here, and should you want to leave a comment or two, I dearly hope that you will keep to the common ethics and manner in the blogging world. 

The discussion is based on my own way of thinking and may not be suitable to people who think otherwise. I have contemplated on the matter for some time and I did not write this ad hoc, but with a series of clear and thorough assessment of information I have access to regarding the matter.  

The discussion here will follow a certain order of storytelling, and it might be quite extensive, so please feel free to read it if you find it interesting for your own study.

1. Event Chronology

According to the friend of the deceased [1] who was in the car with him during the night of event, he claimed that the deceased invited him out in a Proton Iswara driven by the deceased [2] to assist a friend with a punctured motorcycle tire [3]. The friend testified [3] that his father was not home at the time and that he "sneaked out at about midnight".

At a restaurant, the car [2] that the deceased drove grazed into another car, causing the deceased to get scared and decided to flee home to return the car to his sister and later meet his mother, even though the friend tried to convince him to stop and meet the car owner [3].

They fled the scene [3] only to later realize that they were pursued by a group of 3 to 5 motorcyclist [3] -- one of them was claimed to crash onto the back of the car [1] however denied by the accused [6]-- only to bump into a police car from which, the deceased, overtook[1]. The deceased was claimed to be driving well and fast at 100-120km/h by the key witness whose trip was the second with the deceased. This triggered the police patrol car to begin pursuing and instructed the car to slow down and stop at the side of the road, the cops testified in court, adding that the siren and beacon lights were turned on as well [4]. However the car did not show any sign to stop.

Another patrol car joined the pursuit and tried to overtake the deceased's car but to no avail, although they were travelling at around 140km/h [4]. The unfruitful attempt to stop the car led to the cops to open fire some 21-shots from MP5 sub-machine gun, some of which hit the car tire and later the deceased's head, leading to his sudden death. The deceased's friend managed to escape although claimed he was assaulted by a number of policemen [1] and was threatened to be shot at after the count of three [3].

The next day a police statement [1] was made, accusing of both offenders to be criminals. A nationwide shock hit the country when the young escapee appeared [1] to clear the issues. Later in court, the deceased's sister testified that the deceased did not have a driving license [5]. The police was claimed to have come up with several allegations about the deceased, including the deceased trying to ram into police car and that a long blade was found hidden under the car seat, which were denied by the family and friend of the deceased [5, 6, 7]. The police later cleared on the matter that the cop that was accused to murder the deceased should have not open fire [1] due to unconfirmed status of the subject in pursuit. It was only later that a specialist expressed his thought that the cops intention was only to immobilize the car [8].

2. My Theories

After reading the articles in the newspaper (I attach some of them from Star Online for a quicker reference) about the case, I did come up with a few theories based on the available information. My theories and opinions about the case were mainly about the two main subjects in the case: the chasing cops, and the deceased and his friend who got chased. I discuss them in the following subsections.

2.1 The Chased 

I personally think that the case could end faster if the deceased stopped the car the night of the incident. He had received instructions from the cops to slow down and stop but hesitated to, although his friend advised him to. He instead tried to escape at high speed. This may be because the deceased was in panic after he:-
a) scratched a sport car (it was a Celica) and fled
b) chased by a gang of bikers from the Celica scene
c) took over a patrol car at high speed
d) drove a car without a license and parents/guardian permission
One of the bikers testified that the deceased was a skillful driver judging from the way he drove, although he also agreed that the deceased, from the same way he drove, may impose dangers to other traffic users [6].

2.2 The Chaser

Imagine if you are a cop driving on a quiet night when a car overtakes you at high speed and refuses to stop even though warning has been given and sirens and lights have been turned on: what would you do? Given the responsibility you have, you might chase the car down with curiosities growing in you. Your intention may be to make the car stop for further investigation, but with the accused car not stopping even when you are later accompanied by a second patrol car, you may think that you need to take the necessary measure to stop the car in question to:-
a) investigate the car and the people in it
b) eliminate the possibility that the accused car may harm other human beings
c) take necessary measure on crime, should the person(s) in car was a criminal
Although the police agreed that they should have not opened fire due to lack of evidence, the cops did, maybe due to these factors:-
a) thinning patience from the long chase
b) awareness that the car had to be stopped to prevent possible accidents or fleeing suspects
c) they thought, based from the driving skills, the suspect was a skillful driver that could possibly not be an underage teenager
d) the cops were trigger-happy cops.

2.3 How Things Went Wrong

The main things that should not happen but they did during the night of event where the teen was shot dead from a bullet in the head. The identified things are listed as the following:-
a) The deceased should not be driving without a license and permission by the owner of the vehicle
b) The cops should have not opened fire although his intention may to only immobilize the suspect's vehicle
c) the witnesses should have not come out with false facts about the incident i.e. (if true) the blade, the deceased reversing his car, the biker hitting the deceased's car.
Chronologically, the series of event can be recognized as the following:-
a) the deceased drove out without license and permission
b) the deceased brought a friend who sneaked out from home
c) the deceased grazed into a Toyota Celica and fled the accident
d) the deceased was chased by a gang of bikers
e) the deceased overtook a police car
f) the deceased did not stop the car when instructed and advised to
g) the deceased drove dangerously at high speed
h) the deceased was shot dead 
It can be assessed that the deceased was under extreme pressure and due to his lack of information in dealing with such chain of events, he made one mistake after another that led to his own death, that the court later found to be a mistake done by the accused cop, causing the alleged a five-year sentence in jail, and his job and benefits.

3. My Opinions

Somewhat, I tried to trace down the root of the cause of event by looking at just how the event occurred, which by now most of you can see by now:- the decision made by the deceased to step out from home at midnight and drove around in a car without the owner's permission, and most importantly, without a license. 

That is one fact that we have to face. He committed that mistake, and he was fated to die from that just one bullet - a mistake by the cop later found guilty.

Some says that the cop deserves the punishment for taking one unfortunate (I wouldn't say innocent) life. Now, as an ex-government servant, he is now to be imprisoned, and as a result lost his job and pension, future job prospect, has to be away from his wife and kids for five years, and worst, to face the society once released. And by looking at just how the majority portion of our society treats ex-criminals, if I were him, I rather die in prison. 

Lets put it this way:

a) Lets say that the deceased was not an underage kid but an adult who, only later after the shooting, was found to be a criminal. Would the society blame the police for shooting him even when  the police did not have any evidence that he was a criminal at the time of the shooting)? Would his death become a sensation like what happened to the deceased kid?
b) Lets say the deceased caused an accident to other traffic users or killed some passers-by during the high-speed chase. Would the society blame the police for not stopping the car during the pursuit? Would the society blame the deceased? Or would the society blame the legal guardian of the deceased? What happens to the dead traffic users or passers-by?
c) Lets say that the biker gangs managed to get their hands on the deceased and his friend and whacked the hell out of them. Who would be blamed here then? The cops for not being around? The biker gangs for whacking underage kids? The kids who were supposed to be at home and not sneaking out driving around without license? Or the guardians of the kids for not being able to control them?
d) Lets say you were the cops. As the chase was getting more dangerous and there was not any other way to stop the chased vehicle, and that the vehicle was imposing threats to traffic users, themselves and yourselves, and that you have had no idea where or when exactly the chase will stop, what would you do? You were full with adrenaline and you did not know if you were able to make it home to your family that night. You did not have a clear view of the person who was driving the chased car; was it an adult, an underage kid, a woman, a transvestite, a full-grown goat, or could it be a can of ashtray? You just want the chase to end before anything even worst happens. What would you do?

4. What Can We Learn

There are a lot of things we can learn from this case, as listed:

a) Eyes on your kids, eyes on your vehicles. Responsibility starts at home.
b) When you graze someone's car, stop to apologize to the owner and pay for the repair.
c) If you hit someone's car and you run away, you might be chased by a gang of bikers
d) If you take over patrol car at high speed, chances are you will be chased.
e) Listen to your friends. Sometimes, they are damn right.
f) If the cops want you to stop, you better shut up and just do as instructed or you're gonna get it
g) Before driving any vehicle, make sure you have the valid license for it
h) If you are a cop, you are not supposed to shoot at any car during high speed chase without strong evidences that you are chasing a criminal, even when the chased car could kill a hundred more innocent lives
i) If you don't stop when the cops tell you to, as previously stressed, you're gonna get it
j) An Iswara can still be driven with good control even when one of its tire is shot with a bullet
k) Don't sneak out from home driving someone's car without permission and license at midnight just to help some friends with punctured tires, because it is not worth the outcomes
l) If you are a teenager were to die in such unfortunate event, the cop who did it will get 5 in the hole, lost his job and his reputation for your death


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