Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bloody Dream


This morning after I came back for a jog at around 5.45am, I sat on my chair for a while and fell asleep. I woke up minutes after that when the calling for morning prayer from the nearby musallah hit me awake. The time then was around 6.05am. So I have been sleeping for 15, 20 minutes flat.

I had the weirdest dream ever. 

This was even weirder than that one time when I dreamed about my mother running after me with a frying pan and I ran straight ahead in all fear, or that another time when Maria Ozawa sprayed my face using a garden hose for no reasons at all. This time, I dreamed of a girl

She looked nothing familiar. But she surely looked awesome though. I couldn't recall where both of us were but the place was cold. Other details were so blurry. I remember I was lying down on a bed when I saw her coming and she sat right next to me. I was having some fever or something. She placed her hand gently on my forehead before placing it on my cheeks. It felt so warm.

"Wait," she said. "I won't be long more."

And then she stood up and walked to the door. I looked at her, terribly clueless. She then turned around and she smiled at me. Now this was the only expression she made that I can still clearly remember.

"Don't go anywhere," she told me. "I'll come back for you."

She walked into that door of darkness and disappeared. I suddenly felt so lonely. The longing. The missing. The biting coldness. The still emptiness. I felt a tear fell from my eyes. And that was when I woke up, and I pulled by head up from my arms.


I saw a drop of warm liquid on the skin of my arm. 


* * *

I never really knew how to draw.

So I made this just so that I can preserve my memories of her from that short meeting. Strange. I still can remember her face clearly.

Bloody dream.

But whoever you are, damsel, God bless you. After all these time? Always.

p/s: You'll come back for me? Pong me sideways.

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