Friday, December 30, 2011

If Only

If only there are enough words to best express what I have inside for you.

Of all the many beautiful things that could happen, of all the vast love and care the world could ever offer, they all came from you. Being grateful is never enough, and being thankful is just way too little. 

If only there are enough words. If only.

* * *

Laid upon my chest the flowers of my soul,
Years gone by but I did never get old,
No more tears I feel no more pain,
There goes finally all my endless rain,
How are you feeling, how do you do?
In my mind all I had at night was you,
Strange, just how I would feel this way, that
I couldn't anymore find a way to be sad,
So much love from you, too much kindness,
For a stranger like me, you're the finest,
Of all the beautiful things that could ever happen,
Rare is the occasion to find the path to heaven,
Your love embraced me; this feelings I can never forget, and
Of all the things I could ever wish for, of all wishes best be said,
Unify our feelings I will; and best hope this will never end. 

The poem, it doesn't matter. Really. 

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