Friday, December 30, 2011


And so here we are again at the end of the year. 

Big event alright. 

And just like every other end of the year we do the same thing all over again. We wish for things to get better and may our souls be always in peace. And throughout the year when we see that things start not to go the way we wanted, we take a bow and wait until the end of the year again hoping for a new beginning. And then we have that mixed feelings and tingling sensations while waiting for the year to dramatically change during that often unnerving countdown moment. 

All the damn time. 

And so as to follow this well-celebrated tradition I would allow myself to cite a little prayer and hope for good things to start happening soon as the fastest hand on the clock hits the first second of 2012. Too many too hope and wish for, actually, but as I got to my realistic ground I soon started to remind myself to jot down something that I most probably will work out for next year. Or at least hope to happen if I give enough to what it takes. 

A wedding isn't certainly in the plan. 

So let us see what I have in store for 2012. 

* * * 

1. PhD, full speed ahead - I am done with master's degree now, and I have been given the opportunity to give my PhD a stern kickoff. I foresee that for PhD I would have been able to pull some strings of time since I am continuing on the same subject of research. With my knowledge in the matter it wouldn't be so aching to get it done on time, from which I previously aimed for at least two years and a half, three maximum. 

I hope that I will be able to publish quality works as much as I am able to, and I would like to expand my range of contacts in the circle of biomass researchers and experts around the country, if not worldwide. By all chances I hope that by the end of next year my works in research will establish well enough to gain some attentions.

I'd like to make some real money too. Seeing myself so broke after the relationship ended that I literally ended up having to eat dry crackers with plain water three days straight, it is about time for me to watch my spending over the unnecessary. 

2. Going places - It had been a real pleasure when I got to travel abroad to foreign lands in which I had encountered many memorable experiences worth telling. Previously I had been to Vietnam, Indonesia and China. This time around, let's hope for somewhere further. Now that my wedding plan got ponged up  real nice and I shall see no more rubbish like that anytime soon, I am planning to spend the previously allocated cash for this travel matters.  

My mother and I are planning to pay a visit to the Holy Land sometime in the summer next year. Perhaps we may drop by in Turkey for some sightseeing. And maybe we'll visit somewhere cold too. Australia sounds awesome by the way, or maybe the States. Let's see on that. Hopefully the visits will be able to bring some peace to mind and heart following what had happened to us. 

3. Be awesome - I have realized just how many wonderful things I have missed along the way here and I have been given a second chance now to look around me again and start taking things with all seriousness and not for granted. I had led my life in such a lame fashion that it aches for me to look back at what I have done so far with it. And so I decided that it is about time for me to explore the hidden sides of life and be swell with it, for all it's worth. I wanna be awesome, and I wanna inspire others to be awesome too. That way, we'll appreciate people and things better and never again we will end up in sorrow and tears. 

I had no idea my Twitter fans are so awesome. And for that, i dedicate this to all of you. 

4. Be a better man - I'm gonna be 27 in less than a few weeks. It's about time I get serious with my life now. Time to catch up with some old bits. Time to start watching over my health. Time to get down to business and make the most of out it. Time to change some bad habits. Time to shape up a bit too. I missed my abs and my muscular arms. It has really been a while since I hit the gym. Good thing is that since the bitter ending of my otherwise a tender relationship I have been running and started my body-shaping regiment all over again; bad thing is that I have at least 10% more body fat to reduce, and it's going to be a real pain in the ass. 

I want to write better too. It is nice to write again and although a bit of brushing up has to be done before I get back to my previous self in writing, I could easily express that my writing has improved since the very beginning. And to add more to that the amount of readers coming my way are excellently increasing. And I thank Thee for that, with all my pride and soul.

Perhaps I would love better too.

* * *

I don't want to plan much this time around. 

To commemorate this year end celebration I would like to conclude here that my life has been awesome this one whole year albeit a series of miserable moments that I'd like not to remember. With all hopes I would like to see just how my life improves after this; building my ruined castle again brick by brick with or without you (you here does not refer to anybody). I would want to see that six months forward from today I will be looking back and say, "hey, I'm okay, I'm alright."

And it is not yet too early to say that too.

I mean, hey, I'm okay, I'm alright.

Happy New Year everyone, and have a ponging good one this time around. 

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