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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Coke and Cigar

This, of course, is another auto-published entry.

At the time this entry is open to public, which as per the time this is written it is scheduled to be published precisely at 12.00am on January the twenty-first, which would be the day I will be celebrating my twenty-seventh birthday, I may not be in front of the computer by now, for I will be doing any of the following:

1. Having a chilled can of Coke and a tube cigar on the pool chair by the swimming pool with Le Roomie at the Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort, Batu Gajah, overlooking the clubhouse lake and the open night sky;
2. Having a chilled can of Coke and a tube cigar while lying next to a bonfire with Le Roomie on the sandy beach of Marina Bay, Lumut, overlooking the wide ocean and the open night sky;
3. Having a chilled can of Coke and a tube of cigar while sitting on the old, wooden bench with Le Roomie at the far end of the platform of the majestic Ipoh Railway Station, overlooking the parked and passing night trains and the open night sky;
4. Having a chilled can of Coke and a tube of cigar in the car with Le Roomie while listening to nice songs while traveling light towards unknown destination, overlooking the empty plains and forests at each side and the open night sky; or,
5. Having a chilled can of Coke and a tube of cigar on my chair in my office at the corner of the huge and dark laboratory with my feet on the table like a boss, all by myself, overlooking the entire laboratory floor and, through the window, the open night sky.

Most likely, if Le Roomie is going out with his wonderful girl again tonight, I will be doing number 5. 

* * *

May I be a better man with better life this year, maybe a good wife and a bright future. Thanks in advance to all who are wishing me on my birthday, I appreciate all of them. May all my wishes and yours come true, and godspeed to all of us. May I be able to laugh and smile again, may my life be free from anymore pain. 

Happy birthday, Jack. Cheers, damnit, cheers to that!

p/s: to me, you're the sweetest ever. Thanks for the call. I love you.

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Duanne Gill said...

Sounds an interesting chuck celebration. I used to smoke and drink coke at the same time. It turned out it was bad for the teeth.
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