Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year

[This is an auto-published post]

Happy new year everyone. 

This post was written at 5.37pm on the last day the twelfth month of the eleventh year of the second millennium. If I calculate correctly, this post will be published exactly 2 hours after new year.

By now I am pretty sure that everyone has had their good times and is on the way home after the new year celebration, if not still celebrating. Whatever it is, I hope that everyone is happy and dandy just like new year is supposed to be. I can picture you all smiling already.

And at the time this post is published, I am currently doing some ninety on the freeway heading to nowhere. Well if you ask me, I don't really have any plan for the new year, so whatever that pops up into mind at this hour will definitely be a plan to follow. 

Let's just hope it isn't going to be a foolish one. 

* * *

And with that, again, happy new year everyone.

God bless us all.

Captain's log, 31st Dec 2011; 6.12pm.

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Cece said...

Happy New Year! :D