Monday, January 09, 2012

Love Wonderland

Let me tell you one think I understand about love from all the experiences I had in the past years with or without my own willingness. 

But first I need you to prepare your imagination. 

Picture love as a wonderland. Like a theme park or some sort. The place that every man and woman crave to go and stay for long, especially after listening to those stories, or more like tales, told by those who have been there; the sort of stories one may imagine as magic and extremely pleasing. Those who have been there and back, they express their experiences in the most beautiful way, but sometimes too, in the most goriest fashion. Those who listen make their own mind at that very instant - to go there and stay, or  stay here and never go - by judging from these stories about love wonderland. 

Some of them, especially those who haven't been to love wonderland, or never been there again for a very long time, experience the urge within to go to the land of magic, the land where time stays still, for the sake of experiencing it, if not out of all damned curiosities. 

And when they get there at the very entrance to Love Wonderland, they stand still and stare at the area with such awe in their faces. Palaces made from pure Belgian chocolate, sprinkled with fresh berry cuts and honey drops. Walkaways made from crunchy wafers and butterscotch fingers. Ponds, lakes and rivers filled with molten milk chocolate and caramel, the smell struck their noses like an arrow does to flesh. 

Fruits everywhere, gigantic in size. Gingerbread men go about giving out fresh sweet potato buns. The clear blue sky snows sugar powder. Light breeze brings the sweet smell of hot cocoa and butter. Rich and extraordinary. And from where these awed people are standing, they could hear sounds from afar, of happiness and extreme joy, from those who are already within the perimeter of Love Wonderland. And they run. All the way there to where the sounds are created; in their hearts hopes arise, in their eyes, light alights. 

This, of course, is their first mistake. 

When they reach there, they forget about all the gory stories they heard about the place previously, mainly due to all the joyful things they are currently enjoying to no estimated limits, and this, of course, is their second mistake. They put their guards down because they are extremely comfortable in Love Wonderland, where joy and happiness are at supplied at unlimited regiments. As time goes by (not that they can feel it, since time does not pass in Love Wonderland), they make themselves weaker and vulnerable; open to all incoming attacks, and of course, get easily beaten after that. 

After some time, out of all the sudden, the chocolates no longer taste as good. The gingerbread men are such a bore, the same with their meaningless sweet potato buns. Molten chocolate river and pond they just won't dry, and the sweet smelling air starts to irritatingly irritate. Suddenly, Love Wonderland loses its charm and wonder. 

Some want to leave, some want to stay longer.  

Now, there are only two ways to exit Love Wonderland; by willingly walk pass the mile long field of barbed wires, land mines and literally day and night bombing from heavy artillery bombardment, or, get thrown out from Love Wonderland and made to walk the same path, but for this one, unwillingly. There is no one who can walk out of Love Wonderland in one piece, unaffected. Very seldom one walks out of Love Wonderland without a single scar; most of the time, barely alive. And the only thing that make these men and women to keep walking the mile long field of doom is courage. Just courage. Courage for reality. For the real world. For healing.

Recovery time varies; some very short, some very long. 

But as these people recover, they reminisce the times they had in Love Wonderland. Oh how good the chocolates were. The berry sprinkles all over. And those molten chocolate and caramel that never stopped flowing. And remember the smell? And those silly gingerbread men tossing sweet potato buns around, under the sugar-powder-snowing blue sky? What experiences they were really. As time goes by (this time, time goes by fast in their real world), they forgot about just how they had to bring themselves out from Love Wonderland previously. They forgot about just how Love Wonderland be the reason for their sufferings.

Another mistake.

As their scars heal, they secretly long again for that place. And as to add the joy to it, they share their stories with unsuspecting young chaps and damsels who have not been there to Love Wonderland, increasing their curiosities, and often, they forget to tell them the dark sides of the place. They fail to warn these hopeful young men and women about just how Love Wonderland can cure all life heartaches, and  also be the only, if not all, reason to another, if not bigger, heartache.

And that, of course, is their biggest mistake.

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