Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One Level Up

My scribbles on "The Navier-Stokes Equation for Three-Dimensional Planes
at Unsteady State Region".

I'm done with master's.

Looking back, I managed to complete the project in absolutely three years. Empirical, or commonly known as experimental research is one of the few things in scientific research that may consume a lot of time, especially when the project includes a lot of unknown parameters. The time span in experimental research involves a lot of expenses as well, being one of the most field avoided by researchers due to these two very costly expenditures nowadays.  

My research involved a lot of unknown parameters since the fundamentals of it was almost unknown at the time I began the study; involving one of the most abundant biomass in Malaysia that no one actually conducted any particular research on it until in the recent years. These three years of research have been one of the best, if not the most painful, moments in my entire history, from which many experiences were gained, as well as countless losses. 

But they were all worth it. 

Now that I am done with it, it's time to move on with something else. At first, I wanted to get into the industry for a moment or two, mainly for the golden experiences they are offering in the biomass business these days. I received two offers previously, both oversea based, as a principal consultant and associate consultant respectively. The pay was very handsome if you ask me, but I gave a long thought about it and I made my decision earlier thane expected.

I'm going to pursue my Doctor of Philosophy degree, better known as PhD. 

As we speak, I have started the preliminary studies on my current project, which also will involve a lot of biomass and fire, and the estimated time for this project to complete is three years from now. With all hopes, I would like to keep with the given timeline, from which I believe if my estimation is correct I will receive the highest achievement in academics at the age of 29 years old, and in the same time, being one of very few students who went for bachelor degree, master's degree and a PhD all in one go in UTP. 

Insya Allah, it will be very nice to finally achieve something that I really want after all these years of study. With a PhD, it will obviously change the course of my life, although what I really look for is the wisdom behind it. Nevertheless I think that I have made the right choice, and given time and faith I am sure that I will overcome all the incoming obstacles and appear fashionably before the grand chancellor for my scroll sometime in 2014. 

With what I have then, I would like to help others and the country with my expertise, and start building a family with better lifestyle. At least money wouldn't be an issue at that time. But to get there, there's a cost; my time, my money, my health, everything. But I assure you, for the sake of having my wife and kids smiling all day and sleep soundly at night, it worth all the sacrifices I make today. 

Please pray for me, alright? :D


Cece said...

Woah! The equations. I don't understand a single thing. It looks cool though and nice penmanship.

Khairul said...

RESPECT! most people wanted to jump straight into work right after finishing their degree.

Zuraida said...

hey!!! best of luck!!! im pursuing postgrad too so lets all work hard!!! :)

nice handwriting though! very neat....

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

ahaha thanks very much, lovely people =)