Monday, January 02, 2012

Rock Star

A lady friend came today.

If you ask me, she is quite a decent girl alright. The sort of lady that one feels comfortably to hang out with. An exceptional feature would be her talkative characteristic that mainly depends on the audience's perception, to which some may take it formally interesting while some others may not. Nevertheless I find her company very much meaningful today although the time spent was clearly insufficient. And before we knew it it was almost time for her to catch her train. 

On the way there however, there is this gray Gen2 that took over my car at the right lane and I noticed that one of the four ladies in there made a gesture with her mobile phone as if she was taking our pictures. Quite bewildered with what happened, I overtook the car again to make sure if it was me she was snapping. And the gesture happened again. That was when I realized that something fishy was going on. And the lady beside me was startled with the action.

Always keep your tire pressures at the most optimal in case for a chase like this.

In my mind that the lady beside me is not somebody to be taken lightly of. She comes from a respectable family and she has reputations. And with all it takes her reputations must be defended at all costs. In the chase to defend for this lady's honor, and to find out just what the hell is going on, I stepped on the gas and the medium-to-high speed chase began. And I recognized some of the faces in there. 

So what now, a pictorial evidence showing that, oh, he just got his wedding canceled and now he's going out with some other chick already? Oh come on! What was I supposed to do then, sit down and cry all day?

The pursuit lasted for almost 15 minutes until we both stopped next to next at a traffic light and as I looked to my left I could see the driver and the passengers clearly, so I took some snaps of them as well. The snapper just now waved at me in an excited manner, to which I did not know why. The lady next to me was entirely clueless by then, and was holding back real badly. 

When both of us parked our cars separately at the Batu Gajah train station, I went to the car and knocked on the window. The young lady in there opened the door, to which my first question to her was that why was she snapping my pictures, to which she innocently replied that she wasn't at all while trying to show me the pictures in her mobile. I told her to with all accord respect others and bid them good day and walked off to the station where the lady was waiting for me.  

I thanked her for coming and sent her off after giving her a long hug. And she walked off with the brightest smile I ever saw this year. 


* * *

Good thing was that we've got the plate number and some clear photos of them young ladies. Sent the pictures to a friend in Kuala Lumpur via the MMS service to run some checks and the car came out clean. So nothing to worry there but just in case something comes up after this at least we are primarily ahead of things. When I called the guy, the first thing he said was;

"Ha kenapa kau? Kena kejar paparazzi lagi ke?"

I LOL-ed. I feel like a rock star already. But I hope what them ladies did was just for fun and nothing serious. And if you girls are reading this, hey, I'm terribly sorry for crashing at your door just like that and for being rather serious (fierce?). But yeah, I don't enjoy getting my face snapped when I am not ready so, yeah, maybe next time we can take pictures together in a more civilized manner. More awesome that way. 

And look what the lady who came for me gave! :

Smart ass? AWESOME!

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