Monday, January 02, 2012

Side of the Coin

Interesting, just how some girls think.

You see, quite too on my own amusement, I would have been less than surprised to acknowledge just how some ladies around me came to think that I am being a complete flirt, if not a serious sex maniac. Often in my conversation I have used repeatably the terms darling, honey, sweetheart and all the sugarcoated words in addressing females who communicated with me whether in real life or not. This is a fact from which many of you have realized and took acknowledgement of it since the very beginning of time. Some took it neutrally, some others took it positively and the rest however, offensively. 

The latter labelled me as 'gatal'.

Of course, in the norm of being females, some ladies who are educated enough will take my behavior as completely out of chivalry, if not excellent courtesy. This however may not apply to the less educated ones. Educated here means the sorts who could use their brains effectively and not necessarily are  academically inclined. And educated here means those who are represented by their civilized and extremely courteous manners, if not being exceptionally sympathetic to others during their rainy days.

You see, it doesn't mean if I flirt with you, you could be one hell of a terrific lady. That is just silly, if you ask me. By right, I would have been able to rate a lady down to the littlest detail and of course, it won't be something that is very hard to do. I mean, do I look like someone who cannot tell just how attractive a lady is? But of course, by means of sheer courtesy I find that every lady has the right to feel extremely intact when it comes to self-confidence, and I often try to boost this by making the communication with them pretty dandy.

Which, of course, some took it wrongly. 

I was initially informed about someone who recently labelled me as quite a pervert in one of the main social media network, and most informatively I found out that this person is someone who I know quite well. Five different individuals came up and informed me about the incident and two of them came up even with printscreens of it. Thanks very much to these good friends of mine who cared enough to stand for my highest level of defense. Of course, the subject in question here did this privately, which most cowards usually do. 

Now that I have been informed, I flipped a coin to see which side I'd get in order to decide what I am going to do about it. 

You see, if I flirt with you, it doesn't mean that you are sizzling, neither you are anywhere near being able to halt me from blinking my eyes for more than three seconds. Snap out of it. Look at the girls around me. Some of them are bombastic enough to blow an average Joe's mind. And you are as ugly as your thoughts are. Let's not deny it, that you are not really the brightest of the lot, so it is not surprising if something like this comes out from someone like you.

I know what you did, darling. And don't take this complimentary darling for real; I just said it just to light up the conversation. And I know that you will come out with more of this, opening up on all the things about me. Yes, you can bark about my failures and even my recent crisis in relationship and share them  openly for a laugh or two just to satisfy your perverse psyche. Like a some sort of entertainment to brighten your otherwise unlit days.

But every action has its price, and we all pay for it in a way or another whether we like it or not. And if I were you, I'll watch my back real good, because if this attitude goes on someday at your weakest point in your life, someone will do similarly as you have done to others and it will be reiterated back to you when you least expected it, perhaps at even a greater value of dice. So be nice, and everyone will be nice to you. Don't take this as a planned bombardment but as a sheer courtesy of advice from someone who is more experienced than yourself. 

Good thing I've got the lovely side of the coin - to forgive

* * *

Just a complimentary reminder for you from a few very best friends that's all.

I forgave you.

They didn't. 

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Cece said...

One of the perks of having good friends.

"You see, it doesn't mean if I flirt with you, you could be one hell of a terrific lady." This reminds of a similar saying "Just because a guy is nice to you, doesn't mean they like you." It goes vice versa.