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Saturday, January 21, 2012

What An Awesome Gift

6.15pm today.

The phone was ringing. I picked it up, and before I could even say anything, I heard her voice speaking through the tiny HTC:

"Get ready. I'll be there in twenty minutes time."

Then the call was ended. 

Holy crap she's here. 

* * *

Meet Hazirah, mid twenties, 170cm tall, never said anything about weight though, fit young lady, hotness level four-over-five. And this is how she looks like:

 [Photo was removed because she had me at the end of a knife, saying 
"it's either the photo goes, or you do."

The one in red, of course. She's single by the way. 

She came to UTP to hand me a piece of cake and a birthday gift. But only the birthday present was given this day because she ATE my cake because she was hungry on the way here. How very lovely, that act was. I felt loved instantly. 

Nevertheless, this was what she brought me:

An artificial silk necktie from Polo Haus; a combination of three colors with almost suede-like finish on top. Freaking awesome. Feels so smooth and silky. 

Doesn't wrinkle much, fits like a <s>condom</s> glove. I have to admit that I love this one very much. Well this gift made my day alright! Thanks Hazirah! 

p/s: I feel so loved. 

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namasayatihah said...

happy2 belated birthday!! u have such amazing tweets by the way n that is how I found ur blog..such a philosiphical person u are..nice~

n now am addicted to ur blog..may u have a great 2012 Mr Jack!!