Friday, February 24, 2012


It's been a while since I've gone for a proper date. 

Or just a date in that sense. 

The purpose of a date is essentially to provide a pair of potential or current couple a sensible amount of time in which both parties will be spending together in order to get to know each other better, closing the gaps of mutual understanding and differences, while in the mean time broadening up the field of sweet emotions in between. During a date a person will discover a lot more about the other person; the likes, the dislikes, the way of thinking, the essence of thoughts, and more importantly, the similarities in between these two lovers in the effort to conjoin the ever divided love into one following many times of sporting cupid campaigns. 

I sometimes find myself rather boring when it comes to date activities. 

Most of my time with my ex-loved ones were spent mostly in eateries of lounges and cafes where we found an extreme comfort with the furniture and the ambient, in which we dedicated a whole lot of time conversing with each other, sharing and exchanging thoughts from one another, having the best moments just the two of us together, in which later when the day ended we knew about our partner better. We often discussed things and change stories over endless cups of drinks as time passed by slowly, unnoticed. As if there was a bubble that surrounded us where we were caught sealed in our own world of dreams and imaginations, where nothing else matters. 

Occasionally my partner and I went for the movies, shopping and sightseeing like other couples do. I found go-kart race, horse riding and snorkeling rather exciting actually as dating activities, apart from kite flying, guitar practice and mini golfing, in that sense. In other occasions, most of our times were spent in book shops, where we went through one book after another, looking for some funny and catchy things within, in which will lead to our big laughs that drew the attention from other customers.

However, I must admit that I prefer spending hours and hours talking with my significant other half better than all those. The reason is simple - I could obtain a numerous collection of mental images of her, in which in my case, I find it to be the most appealing. 

Looking at a lady when she talks provide me an endless perspective. I'd enjoy observing my partner when she talks. The amount of expressions made make it interesting enough for me to decipher them all to feed my rather hungry mind often full with curiosity.

The way she looks at me. The way she licks her lips before saying something. That finger move she makes when she pulls her hair back. The way her cheeks move when she speaks. The way she folds her hand when she disagrees or pretends to be mad with what I say. That soft, silky voice as she utters one word after another. That tantalizing row of white teeth. The way she looks when she leads out a big laugh. That raised eyebrows when she finds my speech interesting. And many other lovely observations that could get me caught still in my seat as long as the conversation lasts. 

And I must say, a pair of eyes tell a lot of stories. 

There was one time, in the past of course, when I found myself sitting with my dear partner on a bench under a large tree in the evening, doing nothing but to stare at each other's eyes in a complete silence, wandering into each other's mind, looking for that beautiful truce and serenity. Sweet emotions ran wild as she let her face resting on my large hand as my thumb caressed her eyebrow gently, repeatedly, and in the same time she pressed her cheeks lavishly against the body of my warm palm, and still, not a word was spoken. Indescribable feelings. So much confidence in a time of so much uncertainties. That lips curved a rather sensual smile as she closed her eyes shut, and I sat there, still wondering what exactly was in her mind, and in the same time, finding myself fused to her slowly, speechless and dumbfounded I was, and our love grew a whole lot larger, never slightly, by just that slight movement of momentary awe.

And I swear, at that moment, I could have never felt any better. 

p/s: may I invite you for a date with me?

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Naz said...

u know..girls could simply fall in love with you by just reading this entry? :)