Friday, February 24, 2012

Laser Discography

I must admit that lately I didn't have much time to write anymore.

Recently, I have been appointed as a research officer under the supervision of Associate Professor Ir. Dr. Shaharin Anwar Sulaiman, who also is my PhD supervisor, for a quite large research project under the energy research cluster here in UTP. My job is to design, fabricate, assemble, test and commission a high pressure spraying rig for urea pellet coating application. The job is fun and exciting if I may describe, for it requires the usage of one of the most hazardous high-end laboratory instruments in the campus, which is the Laser Doppler Anemometry, or simply the LDA. 

Above is the LDA shooting a high intensity laser beam from the tube charger and into the manipulator unit. The laser is classified Class 4 - the most dangerous laser beam available in the world, capable of beaming high radiation light ray that is intense enough to light up a cigarette in only a few milliseconds. Apart from this whole high-end laser thing, I am occupied with designing the pipeline and the piping items for the spraying system, which in my opinion is challenging enough so far. Nevertheless I found the experience exciting, hence the reason why I spent so much time in the entire project. 

On another note, a lady cousin who appears before me on the ladder of existence (read: age) is getting engaged this Saturday.

Much as I am looking forward for the event, I must also inform that in a way or another I must be aware with the usual questionnaire to be thrown out on me on the status of my current relationship, in which as we speak is nonexistent. Nevertheless I am happy for her, for finally she finds herself a good man, whom which has yet to be introduced to me. Maybe one of these coming days, perhaps. My warmest congratulations, Fara. 

My mother has been discharged two days back.

Good for her I suppose. The bilirubin count has decreased to somewhere below 150 the last time I checked with her, and as soon as the count drops to anywhere around 50, she will be prepped for her surgery. In two weeks time will be another appointment with the specialists, and let's hope that she will be ready to undergo the aforementioned treatment. 

My viva examination is rescheduled to 8th of March (instead of the previously-agreed date of 27th of February), and the postgraduate office has called me up to inform about the whole event. I am required to produce around 30 slides for my M.Sc's presentation and then get ready for a closed-room 3-hour panel examination session following the presentation. I have been advised that my external examiner will be from UTM this time, carrying the title of full professor. Well, I have to be ready for him I guess. 

And by the way, I have emptied the acknowledgement section of the thesis where it was previously booked for a special someone. There will be one more month until the bound thesis will be printed out, so maybe I'll just leave it empty for now. It isn't that I am not appreciating anybody, but I'd like it to stay the way it was before -- empty. Meaningfully meaningless, some might say.

Well, better it be meaningless than bringing no utter meaning at all. 

p/s: Maybe I'll put your name instead in the section of the thesis. Who knows? 

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