Friday, February 03, 2012

Oh Mother

Hello everyone. 

Sorry for the late update. I have found myself busy getting time for myself again these days. I've been pretty busy with #ProjectAwesome2012 - just a little community project that I worked out with a few friends in Twitter and Facebook. Check them out here:

So far the project has been very great. Very little did I expect that the project will grow this big. We now have a few celebrities who submitted their photos to us and showed their supports for the project. Around 500 photos have been collected so far, not to mention 500+ followers in Twitter and 600+ likes in Facebook. 

Well at least I have something to be busy with. 

On other note, I have been invited to submit two conference papers for the International Conference on Production, Energy and Reliability (ICPER) under the Renewable Energy column, in which my supervisor and I submitted three papers instead. It will be held on 12th to 14 June 2012 in KL Convention Center. Well, I guess I'll see you guys there.

I went back to KL yesterday.

Apparently my mother was down with a high fever for more than a week, in which she successfully hid it from me until I called her yesterday evening, where she can no longer fake her cheerful laughter. She sounded so weak, so I slammed on the gas and drove all the way back to hometown. I was worried, very. 

The first thing she did was hugging me tightly. And then she broke down.

I understood instantly why exactly she did that. First, she missed me. Secondly, she was depressed. She was pale and very weak, mostly due to the fact that she has been losing appetite lately. So I drove her to Ampang Puteri Hospital very late last night and accompanied her there as she went through the standard diagnosis procedure, including a bloodwork. 

As we speak, she is now recovering and is under a 48-hour observation period for any following disorder. I stayed with her all night long, encouraging her to eat more and be healthy again. Before I left home for UTP again this morning, she hugged me tightly again and thanked me for coming back, even only for a short while. Then she told me this;

"I'm sad that you have to go through all these alone by yourself. I wish you will find you other half soon, in case I won't be around any longer to take care of you."

Oh mother. 

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Be strong,jack!