Monday, February 13, 2012

Project Awesome 2012: Graduation

Today commemorates the end of #ProjectAwesome2012.

Time flew fast. I still feel as if I came up with the idea last few days. But it has been already weeks since the project started it's media campaign over in Twitter, blogs and Facebook. The project involved so many people beyond my own expectation, and I must congratulate all of the people who have participated in this project in making it a complete success as it is now. 

At first it was only me doing the Twitter thing and the blog. As the promotion went, I started losing myself since there were so many requests to entertain, and so many things to do at the same time. After a few days, I opened up for staff recruitment, in which two young men, among many others, came up to participate in this project as volunteer staffs. 

They were @xallehrazax and @mAmirulAkmal.

Salleh came up with the famous Project Awesome 2012 poster while Amirul, being the person able to produce video clips, proceeded with his tasks to come out with a few promo videos, which he later did albeit the first few unsuccessful attempts. They were both made as the media staffs. @Ana_Mansor (previously @musliyana) joined the team later as the coordinator and planner for the project, in which she recruited a few able men and women into the project as volunteer staffs.

These staffs are @syazberry, @pegzter, @themonat, @MegatAD, @eyeshakazman and @MeeraAddlan. 

In the middle of the project, pressure set in. All of us were facing stresses from the project, where many of our activities had to be rescheduled and canceled at some points. Most of the staffs had to sacrifice a lot of time and personal space for the project. I myself was having a lot of personal problems, especially when my mother was warded and a few other things that pulled me out from the project. There was a point where I couldn't take the pressure and I decided to bring the project down once and for all. 

In which all the staffs made it clear that they wanted to maintain their position and they wanted to see Project Awesome 2012 completes its objectives. 

After some points later, to make way for the staffs to work uninterruptedly, I pulled out from the project. Now this was where I realized something - this is a volunteer work for every of the staff, in which no salary was offered and no return was guaranteed. But these young men and women they have their sense of courage and fighting spirit of nothing ordinary. They insisted to push forward and double the effort even when I left, and monitoring them from a distance i began to understand that this was not some ordinary team. This was the team of Project Awesome 2012, and the team spirit, from my point of view, was definitely awesome!

The staffs worked day and night without me (although I secretly entered the Twitter account and email from time to time to see what's happening) and they were very efficient with coordination, timekeeping and photo filing. All requests were attended within only minutes. Every day people kept on adding us on Twitter and Facebook, and numerous blogs started writing about us. Celebrities came and supported us, and many other people helped through their networks. Project Awesome 2012 grew bigger than any of us ever thought of, and we could never be any happier than we were. 

More than a thousand followers and hundreds of pictures later, the project saw its end at 12.00am previously. 

The staffs, some of them were only millimeters from crying. Some of them maybe did cry. All the hardship and efforts were all worth everything. Project Awesome 2012 completed its objective as anticipated. Most staffs became extremely emotional because this was one hell of a project that made through in the end, after all those hard times they had along the course of completion. I must congratulate all the staffs and thank them for their hardships, times, passions, glorious efforts and high team spirits. I believe that these young men and women will find their paths easy in life, for they have worked in such stressful conditions and in the same time still able to deliver at their highest capacity. They were able to maintain such calmness during the worst of weather, and they managed to swim across the fierce sea with nothing but strong willpower and determinations. 

These are the people you will never regret to have as teammates in anything you do. 

These very able staffs had shown their best in only a few weeks time. They have been polished from common pebbles to now pearls and rubies. They are worth the achievements. I strongly believe that they will be able to deliver again, maybe double the capacity in anything they do in the future. Best of luck to all of you #LeAwesome2012, and godspeed to all of us. May we all be blessed and loved forever. Thanks so much. I had a great time with you guys, in which none of you I have ever met in real life, but you strangers surely did a very good job, and I wish you all the best in future. If I could give you my best compliments, this would be it: You are the best teammates I have ever had in years, and this surely will be my sweetest and most memorable moment of the year.  

And this will be the time when all of you graduated summa cum laude from this project. Toss your hats in the air, and give yourself pats on the back, because you all deserve the best. I hope you have had the time of your lives, and I hope the experiences gained from this project earned you wisdom and pride. We did it, people, and all are credited to all of you. You lasted all the way till the end, but the end of this project will only dictate yet another new beginning.

Thanks so much. You guys are worth diamonds.

p/s: why not another project?

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