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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Reviving 'Min'

Hello everyone :D

It's been a real while since I last updated the blog eh? Well I wasn't quite interested in writing lately, plus my erratic schedule prevented me from spending any time in writing. Nevertheless the wait ends now.

I explored my old hard drive previously in the afternoon and found some transcripts of the novel work I put a lot of efforts into back in the days. I decided to republish the novel by episodes following some very major editing. The entries were written in Malay, and I decided to republish them again in English, and that may take some time of course. 

Nevertheless I hope that you guys will be supportive and read the entries one after another. The plan is to publish the entry every 3 to 4 days so that the readers will have ample time to read through and digest the whole story.  I will try my best to write the story is such a way that you readers will enjoy them. 

'Min' - a nickname for Syarifah Milia Yasmin - was a young lady I met a very long time ago when we were both young, careless and free. She was one of the most important characters in my life; so important in fact that I ended up writing half a novel about her. But the one I wrote in 2005 was more to a fiction since I intentionally left out a lot of details because at the time the story about Min and I was still young and fresh.

But over the years as I looked back again, I began to understand about what and why we happened - the first meet, the relationship, and the unexpected ending. 

The pilot episode of Min, 'The Girl at the Counter' (originally titled 'Gadis di Kaunter') will be published in less than a few hours tonight. 

And for the better or worst, I hope that you are reading this, Min. 


Larasephia said...

Mr Sparrow, I beg you to come out with a printed edition of this story. Publish it officially, maybe as a zine for a starter. I'll buy it and I'm very sure a lot of your readers would want to have it too.

Please take this suggestion into consideration, please?

Thank You.

(oh, lucky lucky Min)

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

Perhaps I will consider that one day ;) if only i know how exactly to do it in the first place :/

You're welcome.

Lucky? Absodamnlutely.

hadiraifa said...

agree with larasephia. I'll buy if you publish this in printed pages. You're a great writer btw. All the best :)