Friday, April 13, 2012

Episode 11: Unplanned Encounter

The evening sun shone brightly with its fierce orange ray beaming on the land of the metropolitan, creating arts of shadows as it stroke all the skyscrapers out and wide. The traffic was rather congested, which was entirely expected, since by the time the trio of us got on the road, the time was already sometime past 6 o'clock. Tiara was behind the wheel with Bob sitting next to her, while I comfortably sat at the back seat, surrounded with files, stuffed animals and an outstanding array of female's shoes.

Typical female's car.

The atmosphere in the car, other than momentarily-cheered up by the sounds from the stereo, was rather static. No one was talking nor making any sound except for Tiara who was cheerfully singing along with the songs in the radio. The air-conditioning unit blasted us all but Tiara frozen in our seats. She seemed not to notice that her car was literally a mobile freezer - could be the reason why Bob and I were quiet because our lips were stuck together from the cold temperature. Come to think of it, I didn't hear anything coming out from Bob's mouth since so long. Oh my God, I said to myself, is he still alive?

"End station, right?"

Tiara broke the silence between us three by popping up that question. I nodded a few times to confirm our final destination, in which she looked at me from beyond her sunglasses through the rear view mirror. The second middle ring road was packed with cars of homecoming workers. By my estimation, we were around ten more minutes to the LRT station, although the walking distance to the station could take less than five minutes, thanks to the traffic jam. As Tiara worked her way through, my mind winded up all the previous conversations that the three of us had right before we left my house previously - the conversation that led to the construction and layout of the overall 'plan'.

* * *

"So what's the plan?"

Tiara took the first corner and out to the main road from my home street. The tire screeched a little, and I was moved from where I was sitting; I was sitting behind Bob at first but moved to the seat behind Tiara after she took the corner at God knew what speed it was. Bob was holding to the the seat belt and tried hard not to get relocated as well. Tiara remained calm on her seat as if nothing happened while Bob and I were gaining back our courage from the shock caused by Tiara's extreme driving. I could say that Bob shrunk a bit as well as to add to the after-effect of the entire experience.

"What plan?" Tiara asked.

"The hunting plan you said just now," I replied.

"Oh that one," she said. "Simple, we'll go and check her out at the LRT station."

"Wait, wait," I fixed my seating. "We what?"

Tiara turned around and looked at me before turning back to the windscreen. 

"We go there, and we'll find out where she goes after work."

I leaned back on the seat of the posh sedan car and spread my arms wide to each side while in my mind I began to wonder about the plan. Seriously? I had doubts in mind. At that point, I wasn't sure if the plan was what I really wanted. Even worse, I wasn't even sure if I was ready to see what we were about to see during the hunt. What if what I was about to see will hurt me the most? What if Min's sayang's gonna be there? What if, what if, what if. Too many 'what if'. 

"You ready, Eddy?"

We finally stopped at a traffic light that will later lead us into the middle ring road. Tiara and Bob turned their heads to look at me who was at the time still indecisive about the whole idea. I twiddled my fingers together and I looked at them both one after another. My head worked fast to make a decision. The traffic from the opposing direction had seizing from moving, for the traffic lights on their side had turned yellow, and next was us to move. Two choices: proceed forward, or make a U-turn now. It's my call. My eyes stared at the green light on our side. Anytime now, I said to myself. The traffic from the other side stopped moving. The motorbikes in front of us were ramming their engines. Tiara and Bob were waiting for my answer. And the light turned green.

"Go," I said. "We'll hunt her down!"

* * *

Tiara stopped the car next to another car that was parked by the road. The LRT station was full in view. The exit was directly in front of us. People was moving in and out the station in a large number. Bob and I were staring straight at the exit to identify our victim of the day. Tiara on the other hand was cleaning her sunglasses. 

"So," she said while still cleaning the lens, "found your girl yet?"

"Nope," I said while looking at my watch. "But anytime now."

"How does she look like anyway?" 

"Well," I said, "she's..."

"She's beautiful," Bob cut me off before I was even able to answer Tiara's question.

I turned around and stared at Bob in horror. Bob realized this and returned my horror look with another horror look. 

"Come again, sayang?" Tiara asked Bob. Her tone was very soft. And when Tiara went soft with her intonation, it meant that the world was about to go rocky. I changed my view back to the entrance of the station to avoid to see just how close to death Bob will be. Well, served him right anyway. Rule No. 7: Never make the mistake of complimenting other women when your lady is around. I didn't hear any reply from Bob but a series of very, very, very painful screams from him. The hair behind my back stood up straight. So very scary, it was. I tried to focus to the people going in and out of the station instead. And then I saw her.

"Hey," I said to the couple in conflict, "hey hey stop it. She's here."

Tiara turned around to the right side of the car close to the window and fixed her hair. 


I pointed a finger to the identified target and inhaled deeply. "There."

There she was. Her hair was tied into a ponytail style as usual. She wore a plain white collared t-shirt and a black pair of jeans. On her shoulder was a cocoa-colored sling bag. She looked tired and after a closer look, I realized that she wasn't wearing any makeup. She didn't look happy too. She looked like she didn't sleep for the whole last night, if not crying for the whole day. Those lips didn't even spark any smile, but still she glowed in the setting sun.

"Wow," Tiara said. "She is beautiful. Good job, Eddy."

Good job my ass.

The three of us were looking at Min until some point that we started to realize that she was walking towards us. She wasn't looking at the car where we were but looking down at the tarmac road and to her left and right before crossing the road, just a few meters more to us. Her hand dug into her tight jeans, looking for something. The reflected sunlight from the station shone behind her, making her looked as if she's walking from some sort of a heavily-lit stage and towards the audience - so vogue, so in style. I stared at her and admired her beauty, and so did the other two of us. Even Tiara was left speechless. 

"Hey everyone," Bob suddenly said, breaking the silence of awe, "why is she walking right at us?"

I leaned back a little and away from the window to hide myself a bit. Tiara stayed but she put on her sunglasses as a disguise while Bob hid behind her, as if it was going to work anyway, for what appeared in my mind was a picture of a walrus trying to hide behind a little penguin. My attention went back to Min who was getting closer. And closer. And even more closer. And...

And she walked behind Tiara's car and to the other side. Before I was even able to wipe off those tiny sweats of suspense on my forehead, the alarm beeps of the car next to Tiara's turned on, signifying that its security system was disengaged by none other than Min herself. 

Knock knock on the window.

I didn't turn around, and so did Bob. Luckily enough, Tiara's car was well tinted, and Min couldn't really see who were inside the car. But then again, why was she knocking on our window? Did she realize that we were in here?

Knock knock. 

Tiara lowered the window next to Bob and Min's head popped near the window.

"Your car is blocking my car. Can you..." she stopped there. From behind the tinted window on my side, I could see her eyebrows went crooked as if she was making a closer look to identify the fat man who sat in front of me. 

"Is that you, Bob?" Min asked. I froze in my seat. Before Bob could even answer, Min took another look at the person who sat at the back, who was, of course, me. I tried to push myself closer to the door so that she couldn't peek in but I guess it was all way too late. 



...To Be Continued.


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