Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Codename: 0620

My dear you, 

Happy birthday. 

May you live a long, prosperous and successful life from here onward. I'd pray for your eternal joy and serenity in this world of constant chaos. May you find the happiness you've been searching for; the heartwarming brace of a man you've been waiting for all these while. May your heart will finally be fully mended, and may your tears stop streaming down your soft cheeks in the middle of a silent, lonely night.

Had I the correct words to write here, I would have them written for you to read, for you to understand their true meanings. 

 But I couldn't. 

Memories from the past roar from a distance like an incoming storm does. Albeit all the treasured things in my life, nothing defeats me like the charm of smiles between your lips, and your laughter that filled my otherwise quiet days of weather-beaten times.

Of course they are the things I missed the most. 

Thank you for all the good times we've had, probably the best of memories I would ever get. And probably by chance, one day you would've understood my true feelings for you. But if that day never comes, it will be in my most gratifying sense to say that at least I have said what I needed to say, rather than to keep it consuming my from inside each and every day. Because nothing hurts like words left unsaid do. 

I had so much to say. But then maybe next time. 

Happy birthday again, my dear you.

Yours truly,

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