Monday, June 11, 2012

In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning

Hello everyone!

It has been a real long day for me.

My day started off as early as 6.00am in the morning today to prepare some documents for two important meetings that took place at the Mechanical Engineering Dept. from 8.00am onward. If it wasn't for the alarm clock that rang ridiculously loud like some old crazy cat lady, I don't think I would be able to wake up. But I did, and most importantly I did terribly shocked. That thing should seriously be avoided from any cardiac unit in any hospital, really. 

I will use the alarm clock to prank on my colleague later on. 

I took my shower next. The best thing about early morning shower is that, contrary to the fact that the water temperature is closest to that of sub-arctic ocean at that hour, once it hits you you'd be screaming as if you're boiled in a large tubular of superheated steam in hell. That does not take account of the continuous stream of 'bad words' that follow. It is about time the entire housing area to appreciate me as the friendly neighborhood alarm clock in the wee small hours of the morning. 

Well at least the pretty landlord next door did. 

Nothing kicks like a real good brew of coffee in the morning. Previously I bought a ridiculous amount of the single origin Costa Rican and the interspecific hybrid Siborong-borong coarse-ground beans from a local supplier. I specifically prefer the Sumatran Siborong-borong for its super-rich aroma and taste in the morning than the less strong Costa Rican that is best to be enjoyed at night for its toffee-like, slightly caramel notes that often made me feel like a fat kid being offered a box of Mars bar. I have a manual coffee press and an automatic coffee drip here at home, but I usually use the press more than the drip, mainly due to the retention time of the coffee ground in water that can be fully extended to as long as you like. 

A cup of coffee after going through hell in the shower. Perfect situation.

I quickly dressed up and got to the road at 7.00am. I was at the academic block at 7.30am after giving the research laboratory that is located somewhere else a quick visit earlier. When I arrived, there was this old cleaner lady who was staring at a messy trace of bird droppings on the tiled floor of the building. She just stood there and staring at it - I wasn't quite sure why but I guessed she was having her what-the-fuck moment on a cold Monday morning. I wasn't sure which pained me more - the fact that the splattered organic mudpie that looked like as if it had been projected straight down from space just ruined my mood for breakfast, or the fact that the lady who looked older than Jesus had to clean it up while in her age she should have been resting at home.

But that's life I guess. Everyone gets shits sometimes. Worst, someone has to clean them up for you. As if that isn't already shitty after all. 

Update meeting. Progress meeting. Administrative meeting. Technical meeting. You name it. Work life has gotten a little bit too tricky lately that I have to be quite careful with my errands at work. The equipment in the laboratories need re-calibrations. The incoming new units need clearances. The failing cutting blades need replacement. The new set of empirical data needs extended computer analysis. The in-house simulation program needs a trace introductory algorithms. Forms to submit, forms to sign, forms to fill up, forms to collect. And this and that. Good thing was that my supervisor has given me his trusts to run the works without the needs for him to monitor me at all time. 

At 2.30pm the bus was ready.

UTP provided a bus service to Kuala Lumpur for the ICPER 2012 staffs and delegates. But I didn't board it. It was too early for me to leave the office since there were a lot more things to do. So instead I bought an ETS ticket to Sentral KL departing tomorrow at 5.40am in the morning (thanks Ms. K) and will arrive there at 7.50am. Then I will be heading straight to KLCC, but before that maybe I'll get a grande cup of coffee from Starbucks just to get my day started. 

In the evening, I received the name card that I ordered earlier. People I have been asking me a lot for my business card in meetings and conferences and it just ached me to write on a piece of paper every time they did (as well as embarrassing). So I did myself a favor and ordered one set for work and another for my political movement (order two sets can get discount on the second set la towkay!). The digital designs of them are attached below (I removed the phone number and email for obvious reasons). Well now that I am armed with two boxes of 100 cards in each, I guess the embarrassment of not having a business card can now be fully eliminated.

And now I am at home, just done with some simple cooking, mopping the floor, feeding that damn kitten that just doesn't know when to stop eating (and meow-ing) and packing up for tomorrow. I'll be having my dinner as soon as this entry is posted and then proceed with some works I brought back from the office. I have to wake up even earlier tomorrow so I'd better be in bed early tonight. Hopefully the damn alarm clock with give me heart attack again, or else I will be late to catch the train. 

Oh God I have to shower in the wee small hours of the morning again. Yo, pretty landlord! I'll wake you up at 4.30am tomorrow okay!

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