Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gardening: Mulberry Tree

So I received my mulberry cutting. 

Mulberry is a large tree but with rather small fruits. The fruits are reddish in color and is sweet, just like any other berries available. I was thinking if I can actually plant this thing so I bought a cutting at RM2 and I received the cutting via mail yesterday. 

Look at the picture below. The mulberry cutting is wrapped with a wet tissue at its bottom; I was not sure if it was only water or growth solution. The cutting was in a good health and was still pretty much alive when I retrieved it from the envelope. 

Figure 1: As-received mulberry cutting with bottom wrapped in wet tissue

Figure 2: New shoot?

Figure 2 shows the (probably) new shoot coming out from the stemcutting. The stem was a bit dry at the outside so it's time to plant it before it gets too dehydrated and loses high possibility to live when planted. So what I did was to mix a part of clay, a part of sand and a part of my home-made compost and placed the mixture in a plastic pot. I dug a hole around 5 cm deep at the middle and placed the stemcutting in it and closed the void with soil again. To keep the stemcutting hydrated, I pour some water into the pot until it dripped through the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. That way, the soil will remain moist and by chance, the stemcutting will produce new roots soon if the condition permits. 

 Figure 3: All done!

So my mulberry cutting is ready to live again in this small pot, at least for now. Mulberry can grow up to 15-meter tall so there's no possible way to keep it in a pot like this. When it is old and strong enough, I will transfer it into the ground and let it live there for good. 

Hope to see its first leave coming out soon!

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