Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gardening: Throttling Up

Hi everyone! :D

It rains today in the early evening so I had to wait until it stopped at around 5.00pm. I did nothing much today since I didn't need to water the plant, many thanks to the tropical rain that lasted for almost an hour or so. So I just went around and was tidying up the garden when something occurred to me. But I am going to write about that later. In the mean time, let's see what I've been doing since a few days back. 

Fig. 1: Garden Shade

I bought some timber from the nearby hardware and built this garden shade for the raised beds of soil on the ground. The sun is very generous with its heat and light intensity previously that I thought it would be best to have the shade ready just in case. The three beds were just prepared and peppered with topsoil that I collected from a nearby forest. It will need at least two weeks for the organic matter to blend in with the soil, so I did nothing with it so far. The raised bed next to the shade is the bed I made for my Chinese parsley (daun sup) and spring onion (daun bawang). The total cost for the shade is RM60.

Fig. 2: Chinese Parsley and Spring Onions

I bought some Chinese parsley and spring onions from a nearby supermarket and plant them right into the ground. They are easy to grow as long as they still have their roots attached to them and there's plenty of water around. I have yet to trim them so they look kind of weak. The dark materials around them are the topsoil. I made a half an inch thick layer of them to keep the soil fertilized. The cost for the parsley and spring onions was RM5.

 Fig. 3: Compost Pit

This is my compost pit. I bought 3 meters of thick wire net at a price of RM25 from the same hardware as above and I constructed two cylindrical holders for my garden refuse. All I need is to water them daily or whenever required and wait in time for nature to decompose the organic matter in them. In the end I will get a high quality compost that I can recycle back in the garden. This way I can save much in fertilizer. Both cylinders can hold up to 200 liter capacity of fresh green cut. At the bottom of them is a raised bed I made to attract hungry earthworms to start munching on the green cut. I covered the bed with fresh green cut to keep the ground moist and cool for the comfort of the worms.

 Fig. 4: Lemon Grass

I bought 14 lemon grass shoots from the nearby supermarket again and it cost me RM6. I planted them all in a straight row with one foot distance from each other. They grow pretty fast too. This picture was taken during rain as you can notice. I intend to fill the empty spot of this part of the lawn with more lemon grass soon. This plant consumes organic matter pretty crazily so I have to place some rotting weeds around each of them to keep the ground fertilized continuously and moist at all time. Have to put some more though. With the rain happening everyday, the compost gets decomposed faster.

Fig. 5: Fireplace 

 Fig. 6: Fireplace

I love wood fire. The aroma, the heat, the crackling sound, all of them. After all I did my master's degree in combustion. So I made myself a fireplace. Pretty awesome huh? I collected dry twigs, branches and stems from the nearby forest and also from the campus and bring them back to dry some more before I fed them to this fireplace. I usually burned them in the late evening to keep the mosquitoes away (I had to burn some of the wet grasses to get the smoke). Sometimes I just burned them just for the fun of it. With very dry feed, the fire emitted almost no smoke at all. When the fireplace was in operation, I would take my chair and coffee and near it. It just felt peaceful.  

Fig. 7: Worms!

Remember when I said that something occurred to me this evening? I was peeking into my worm box and look at what I found! The number of worms has so far nearly doubled the original population. And look at the size of them! There is so much food in the worm box now than it was, and these fat, slimy buggers can eat the whole day long! As to generously reward them, I fed them with moist newspaper shreds, used tea leaves, used coffee powder, shredded banana peel and green weeds from the garden. Hope to see they grow more in population soon. 

Well that's all for now! How's my gardening effort so far? Please leave a comment in the comment box okay! 

Will update more soon! :D


Faizal Rahman said...

Untunglah rumah ada tanah.

PearlKaz said...

HAAA!~ a couple of months back, i was reading DIY for weddings and stuff.. but now, you made the whole blog reading different. hahaha.. i almost puke when i see those fat worms.. yuck!
by the way, i wish you best of luck. hope all your plants grow big and fat fat one. hihihi.. maybe one day i will buy some seeds from you. my father in law loves planting as well. hahaha

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

Faizal: untung tak untung sangat ah...sakit nak maintain broo

PK: Ahaha thanks a lot! wait until i grow some of these crops first and i'll blog about my experience in handling them before i start passing around the seeds! ;D