Saturday, November 03, 2012

Dreams In The Making

Everybody dreams. 

As it turns out, not many actually are able to pursue their dreams, let alone to catch and turn them into absolute reality. For all achievable dreams one can think of in life, there are always obstacles -- some of these obstacles may be physical, and some may not; some may be passable, some may not. As we all are aware of, nothing feels better than to experience a dream come true, especially those that we never ever really thought will materialize. That makes it even more victorious than it could ever be. 

I dream too. 

I dream about a lot of things since I was first able to. I recall my experiences when, as a child, I dreamed about being some sort of superheroes, mainly due to the fact that everyone's imaginations were wild when we all were little. As I grew up and things get more serious, my dreams followed the path of the ordinary, essentially shaping my personality and path to pursue a more realistic kind of dreams. You know, finish high schools, get into a university, graduate, get a job and get married and get kids and grow old and finish the entire journey of life with one last breath. What a wonderful, perfect life it's going to be, I thought. Everyone seemed to have the same dream back then. We all wanted to die happy. 

But things didn't always turn out the way I expected.

Over the years, I had to leave a number of my greatest dreams in order to pursue some other, often new, and perhaps, even greater ones. For instance, I had to forget my dreams of studying overseas, and studying medicine in that sense, as well as to pursue my work in the field of oil and gas as per recently.

Just one thing didn't change:- I'd still want to die happy.

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