Saturday, November 03, 2012

Gardening: More Patches!

Hello everyone!

It's Saturday and I didn't have anything to do. So as usual I ended up doing my garden. Managed to clear a lot of weed and also planted some plants in the patches. And I built even more patches for future works. I took some pictures as shown below. The narration follows for each picture. Enjoy!

* * *

The onions have grown roots in just...overnight! Well I'll be damned. These onions surely grow fast. In just one night, all onions have grown those white roots that went deep into the damp voids of the egg tray seeding box searching for water and nutrients. Can't wait too long or I won't be surprised to find roots on my kitchen tiled floor tomorrow morning. It's time to prepare a patch for these speedy-growing bulbs.

It's lucky that yesterday evening I did the long and wide patch as shown in the picture above. It was a real heavy downpour last night that the rainwater pattern caused some puddles to form in the patch and created two water streams. But it was fixable so I'm just gonna keep an eye on this patch until tomorrow morning. I think I'm gonna plant them onion bulbs here. 

It has been a while since I looked at my compost pit. So I pulled out one of the two nets that keep my compost and look what i found -- snails. Land snails of A. Fulica species have been caught picnicking behind the compost pit. I wasn't surprised; from the amount of food available and the cold, damp surrounding, this is heaven to snails. I collected and threw them around the bottom of the compost pit. As long as they don't gangnam my plants then it should be alright.

The biggest one in the pack. Must be the taikor.

The compost pit after the net was removed. 70% of all green materials in there have cooked properly to form mindblowingly-rich-in-organic-material compost. So what I did was collecting those that were not decomposed enough and mixed them up with new green materials -- those damn weeds -- from the garden to form new compost. 

I cut one of the compost pit net in the middle and now I have two but shorter compost nets. I put the green cuttings from the garden and half-cooked compost from the previous compost-making effort and put them in alternating layers. Hopefully in a month or two, new compost will be available from these pits. Now with these pits I found that the garden waste is more manageable. 

I took some of the half-cooked compost and placed them on the patch I made yesterday to supply its soil with nutrients. When the rain comes, the water will bring the nutrients deep into the soil to prepare it soon for planting. Also, with the layer of half-cooked compost or 'mulch', the moisture in the soil will be retained better in the sun than without.

Since I have a lot of time to spend, I made these four new patches next to the existing four patches, making it eight in a row. Not sure yet of what I am going to plant here but I'll figure out later. Each patch has been enriched with compost and like the previous patch I am going to just leave them for a week or so. All I needed when the patches were ready was rain. 

And there we go, coming rain!


mat jon said...

salam, saja jejalan kat blog ni, bertambah besar la komuniti gardener kat Malaysia ni. Saya pun ada juga buat pile kompos tu tapi tak terpikir nak buat dua section rendah cam kat gambar tu. patch tu atas simen ke? berapa tebal patch tu?

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

salam. haha saje2 je nak berkebun. daripada duduk tak buat apa, baik buat kebun. pile kompos tu asalnya tinggi, tapi bila nak korek yang bawah2 tu payah, tu yang kerat dua tu. letak atas tanah sebab senang cacing nak naik merayap makan dari bawah. patch tu pun atas tanah. ada la dalam 6 inci. saje buat tinggi sebab benda tu tak ada berkepung so kalau hujan dia jatuh sikit. tinggal la dalam 4 inci macam tu. bukak ada dalam sekaki setengah.

GO GREEN said...

wow, you seems have a pretty big space for gardening! (hm.. as usual, pasang angan2 again, wish i could i have big land too)

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

ahaha yea the developer seemed to be very generous by providing me with open land around the house :D bit grainy and sandy though; have to pepper them with organic materials regularly