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Thursday, November 01, 2012

One Job Well Done!

Hi everyone! :D

By now you have noticed that there is an image at the top of this entry. It is the cover page of my book! It has been published today and will be available in major bookstores in Europe in 3 to 4 days and then around the world later on. It's a technical book, by the way, so don't ask me what is it about, for I had almost been admitted to mental hospital when writing this book. It was not the content that frustrated me the most but, God save us all, the formatting errors that kept on popping up every now and then, most of the time unnoticed. 

But I managed to put everything in order and it took me only three weeks to write this 168-page book and now it has been published with a retail price of Euro 68 or RM 268.40. By the way, the other person below my name there is my supervisor who helped me with the formatting and the content of the book. Charming guy, really. It was a pleasure working with him then and it is a pleasure working with him now, and I believe it still will be a pleasure working with him in the future. 

As for now I look forward to publish more publications in terms of conference papers, journals, book sections and maybe another book soon. Do let me know if any of you readers is interested. 

Overall, one more job well done! 

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