Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Presenting Sir Montgomery Scott

I have recently acquired a cat.

Well the word 'acquired' here might have just been abused. I didn't specifically 'acquire' this domestic feline variety, for the fact that it was he (a male, apparently) who discovered this house where I currently live and decided to hang around awhile in and around it. So the correct way to put the entire situation in sentence is: A cat has recently acquired me and my home for slavery and property invasion. 

But I didn't really mind, though. He looks kind of cute. And he didn't cause me trouble whatsoever. Come to think of it, he hardly made any noise. When he's hungry, he will quietly walked to the kibble bottle, tap it twice with his paw and wait. If I didn't show up within five minutes, he'll come and look for me, in which later I will bring him to his bowl and fill it up with his kibble. Once he's full, he'll stop eating, wash his face and get to the sofa for a long-hour nap. 

I named him Montgomery Scott, with reference to the Scottish engineer aboard the USS Enterprise in Star Trek. However, he answered to Monty instead of Scotty. For his deeds and extreme bravery, courage and acts of chivalry shown in guarding the house perimeter at night in return for love and a bowl of kibble every now and then, I recently knighted him with a tap on both ears with a butter knife, where he now bears the honorable title in which he is to be addressed as Sir Montgomery Scott of Barren Mines at all time.

 * * *

Sir Montgomery Scott, here photographed following a violent late night victory against a rival opponent from the nearby territory, Sir Grey Sourface of Annoying Bell. Battle wound visible on the base of left ear. 

If not on duty, Sir Montgomery Scott can be found lying at numerous places around the house. 

Sometimes, Sir Monty resumes his duty as a watcher at odd times, for instance as depicted in the above photograph where he sits and watches over the garden during one late evening from an elevated guard post. From this view, I would possibly be very proud of him, for he is indeed a great being. He deserves an extra allowance on the kibble ration. 

Until I caught him sleeping on duty recently. Bad Monty Boy! No extra kibble for you!

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