Thursday, November 01, 2012

The Second In Collection

Greetings, earthlings. 

I have received some questions recently on why exactly did I not update the blog on an entirely weekly, if not daily, basis like I used to do not quite long ago. And why my English is no more as entertaining as it was not quite long ago. Very well then. I suppose that I could answer these two often repeating questions in this particular blog entry.

First, I have come to a point in my life where I realized that my life does not anymore depend on online reputation. When I first started this blog, I had nothing to even begin with, only a little knowledge and some bits of anger that were left throbbing in my heart. Over time, I perfected my art of writing and here I we are today looking at this very sentence, reflecting on what has so far happened to this blog. It's still in its prime years I surely can say, only a little cobwebs here and there that can be swept off with a dash of a few written (typed) paragraphs. It is due to my work load that I sometimes have to put my writing in this blog a little (and sometimes much) lower than my other errands in the ladder of priorities. And for that I kindly apologize. 

Secondly, my English has never gone rotten, only that it has been simplified to a simpler collection of words that describe a story in a much clearer way. I can still write like I used to; long sentences, with big words and charming adjectives whatsoever. As to prove this very much doubtful claim, I shall today write about my graduation. 

On the twenty-first day of the tenth month of the twelfth year of the third millennium, I have received my master's degree after such a long, very sleepless, quite tiring, somewhat exciting, rather disturbing, definitely challenging period of four years in research. It has been quite some time since I last received a scroll, and nothing bothered me more than the required ceremony and this and that that I have to undergo in order to formally accept an empty paper tube on a stage before an audience mixed of anxious and bored men and women and cash-grabbing photographers flashing their cameras at every funny gesture you made on stage -- one of the reasons why most graduation pictures were not completely welcomed at the first sight, most often by female subjects. To follow up on just how long it has been, please kindly take a look at what appears to be the picture taken during my bachelor degree graduation in 2008:

And as to compare with just how much has changed since then, I urge you readers all to take a look at the picture below, which was taken only an hour before my master's graduation:

If you are blessed with a pair of good eyes, you shall without difficulties notice that the only things that have changed are: 1) the color of my necktie; 2) the arrangement of the photographed subjects; 3) the background; and 4) the shape of my brother's belly. Now the last one has grown in such a generous fashion these last few years, that one is for sure. But what I really wanted you to realize is the color of my hood, which is silver in color whereas in the first picture above it is in blue. 

Now this is what we call a class in academic level. This is the silver lining. The next level will be the gold lining that will be worn during my graduation for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, if all the plans follow correctly and that Allah permits my chance in wearing one. That will take me another long, very sleepless, quite tiring, somewhat exciting, rather disturbing, definitely challenging period of four years in research.

Moving on to the next picture now:

This is Azalia --  a name I was made to believe taken from a certain and uncommon flowering botanic variety. She attended my ceremony and to our amusement all, she was more excited than I was. It was quite a scene to watch her jumping around in such a fancy fashion, but I guess she deserved the chance and the feelings to be able to accompany me during one of the major events that were marked in the long history of my life. 

This is my brother. He was born three years after I was, but yet people keep on getting confused on who's who. The only difference is that his skin tone is lighter than mine, so I guess that could easily be distinguished. His convocation is up next, by the way. 

For reasons unknown I received a bouquet of blood red roses and a teddy bear as a gift from my mother and Azalia. Carrying a bouquet of roses around is not my custom, therefore I gave Azalia the honor of carrying the bouquet to wherever she went, which was pretty much everywhere, considering her stamina as once a state hockey player and still as much as an avid runner. 

And this is me receiving the scroll from Tan Sri Sidek Hassan, the Pro Chancellor of UTP. I was expecting Tun Dr. Mahathir but then again he no longer took the evening session. But it was alright with me. 

These are the scrolls. The one with the golden lining was for my master and the next one was for my bachelor.  Now I have two of these, while it takes three to complete the entire collection. I have less than four years to prove my worth, and by all means necessary I will have my doctorate done and graduated with it, for I think it is more important to get this very limited collection of three scrolls rather than to have a Dr. prefix on my name whatsoever. I'll be damned if I don't get the third one, for my superpower will be completely incomplete without it. It's the scroll, definitely the scroll.

And this time, my readers, it's gonna be in gold.

p/s: please kindly pray for my success, ya?

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